Seven Must-Visit Vacation Spots In Houston With Your Family

October 4, 2022

Seeking a family vacation destination can be both daunting and thrilling. After all, the vacation spot must be exciting enough for all the family members and should perfectly balance entertainment and comfort. 

Though many cities offer such places, Houston tops the chart for providing perfect family vacationing spots.

The best thing about Houston is that the city has a perfect blend of tourist attractions for all age groups. Thus, it is the best city when you desire a package of vacation spots that are fun for kids and equally suitable for adults.

Fabulous Family Vacation Spots In Houston

Here are some vacation-perfect spots in Houston that you can visit with your family:

  • The Chocolate Bar

What can be a better place for the whole family than the one where every member can indulge in the sweet tooth? 

Well, the chocolate bar is a perfect place to enjoy different mesmerizing flavors of candies, chocolates, ice creams, and pastries.

The best part is that all these desserts are homemade and of the finest quality possible. 

Even if your family members are not dessert lovers, they can enjoy the fantastic aroma of original chocolates and other delicacies.

  • Houston Zoo

How about visiting a zoo and enjoying exotic species with your family members? It does sound exciting and is undoubtedly a perfect vacation idea to spend your day in a fun-filled way. 

Though a zoo seems to be interesting only for kids, this zoo possesses more than 6000 species brought from different corners of the world. 

This aspect makes it a perfect place for adults who would enjoy roaming around in this 55-acre landscape. 

  • Space Center Houston

Another perfect vacation spot for families is Space Center Houston. Filled with space-centric exhibits, the center is also the official visitor center for NASA. 

Your family members would enjoy walking through a real-life replica of the shuttle, touching a rock brought from the moon, and witnessing the other wonders of the astronomical world. 

  • Discover Green

Tired of walking around concrete buildings and places? Well, try Discover Green, a magnificent green space to roam around. 

The place includes the Gateway Fountain Splash pad and the John P. McGovern playground, which offers ample opportunities for a quiet getaway for families. 

The best part about the place is that it brings along many free and special events for all age groups. 

Ranging from fitness parties to cartoon character visits, it has something for every member of your family.

  • Snooze

A family that eats together stays together; this phrase holds true even today. So why not include a fabulous eatery in your itinerary for the day? 

Though there are many good places to eat in Houston, Snooze is an eatery specially designed for families. 

If you have early risers in your family, this is the place to visit! They start early in the morning at 6:30 am and are open six days a week! 

Located in six different places in Houston, Snooze offers a menu that caters to every kind of taste bud!

Ranging from pancakes to mimosa to Eggs Benedict dishes, Snooze enjoys a great reputation among food lovers. 

  • Sam Houston Boat Tour

How about a port tour of the city while enjoying the boat ride with your family? Sam Houston boat tour is a 90-minute ride of the Houston ship channel. 

The boat ride has been designed to offer an informative ride about how the Houston ports operate and their maritime history.

You do need any tickets as the trip is free of cost and there are two daily tours. However, checking the dates on their website for tour reservations is advisable.

  • Magical Winter Lights

If you can adjust your vacation timings, visiting Houston between November and January is advisable. The reason is the Magical Winter Lights show displayed in La Marque. 

A favorite among families, the show features the biggest lantern lightings during the year. 

You can enjoy mesmerizing lantern displays designed using unique Chinese techniques. 

Also, you can participate in different lantern-making events, make the most of carnival rides, and enjoy different character visits. 

Final Words

Houston is a marvelous city for vacation with your family. The need remains to identify the perfect places and make an itinerary accordingly. 

Believe us when we tell you that the city has a place for every age group and no one can get bored here! 

So, pack your bags and plan a visit to Houston to create impressive memories with your loved ones today! Happy traveling. 

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