5 Tips for New Dads to Embrace Life with A Baby Onboard

October 10, 2022

As you leave the hospital door with your newborn snuggled in your arms, life may feel unreal and the moment magical. You will be brimming with happiness but might be anxious at the same time about doing justice with this new role. While fatherhood does not come with a manual, it is an instinct that kicks in as your eyes absorb the first sight of a little human, who happens to be a tiny version of you. Your life will take a sharp turn from that day, and you will have to embrace it from a different angle. Not sure how to do that? Here are some tips for you.

  1. Get all the Required Information about Your Child’s Safety:

Just as you receive the news of soon having a little bundle of joy snuggled in your arms, you would want nothing more than to have its smooth and safe arrival into this world. It requires intensive care, or many complications can arise before, during, or after the delivery process, threatening your child’s well-being. While everything is not within your and your doctor’s control, such as the genetic factors, some damages can be because of medical malpractice. If your child has suffered the same fate during birth and has a life-long impairment, gather all the essential information to understand what has happened. While your partner will have her hands full with her recovery and the newborn, it is on you to navigate through the matters. To learn about birth injuries, you can visit childbirthinjuries.com and determine your next steps in getting legal help. The negligent party owes you the financial compensation you can use for your child’s treatment. As a father, dealing with the burden of your child’s suffering might be too much, but it will be likewise for your partner. You should adopt a rational approach and see your next steps instead of wallowing in the tragedy. With some effort, you can tame the situation and bring convenience to your child’s life.

  1. Develop a Routine:

With a newborn on board, your routine will be upside down for the next few weeks. No two days will be similar, and things might not make much sense in such haphazardness. Establishing a solid routine as soon as possible will make matters easy for you and your partner.

Knowing what your baby needs at which time is hard to tell initially. However, planning a solid routine for you and your baby, with regular naptimes, playtime, bath time, and bedtime, can help you adjust to your baby’s rhythm. Your newborn will not know the difference between night and day, sleeping away most of the day and perking up at night. However, you can plan activities to help your baby sleep better at night. Before tucking under the covers, change your newborn into night clothes, give a light massage, cuddle, and sing lullabies. Also, learn to decode your baby’s cues. When is it hungry? When is it in the mood to play? After understanding these signals, you can adjust your routine around this lead. Although your baby will take about three months before establishing a proper pattern, consistency is the key. If you and your partner are short on sleep with regular night-time awakenings for a feed and diaper change, day-to-day tasks will grate on your nerves.

  1. Bond With Your Baby:

Babies share a natural bond with their mothers since they have already spent nine months in their wombs. However, bonding with the father takes some time. It is normal if your newborn does not feel soothed on your lap instantaneously. Spend time taking care of your child, and soon it will recognize your voice and scent. Have some skin-to-skin cuddles, carry your baby in a sling or front carrier as you go for a walk, and have a dedicated time for playing only. These are the initial stages of communication, after which your baby will soon start to trust you and feel relaxed around you.

  1. Learn When to Say No:

A queue of well-wishers will be waiting to congratulate you on your new status as a dad. But you will be familiar with the exhaustion the initial days bring. They can be disorienting, leaving you and your partner’s energy drained when you hit the bed. And who knows how much rest you will get before your baby rings an alarm of hunger or diaper change? So allow as many guests as you can entertain conveniently without further draining yourself. If you feel you have reached your limit, politely ask to visit another day. You can always make up for it later when things feel under control.

  1. Don’t Hold Back from Outings:

You might be hesitant to take your newborn on outings, considering how delicate they will be in the initial weeks. But you do not need to put your plans on hold. Catching fresh air after all the drills will be a good idea for your child and your partner. It is also a perfect opportunity to play with your baby and improve your bonding.

All you should do is dress your baby adequately according to the weather and protect against excessive sunlight, as their delicate skin can get sunburned easily. With a cute, chubby, tiny human by your side, you might as well get extra attention from the public! So once you are familiar with your child’s routine, prepare a baby bag, sling it over your shoulder, and head out with your partner for some great family time.


There is no one-size-fits-all manual for how your initial months of fatherhood would be. It comes with different challenges but many perks. With your child commanding all your love and care, you will surely ace them without difficulty. Being the caretaker of your family, make their well-being your priority, show patience when necessary, and move step by step with your partner in your child’s upbringing. These are precious little moments you will cherish long after they are over, so make the most out of them, and everything will turn out to be just right.












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