What is Chainsaw Oil?

October 13, 2022

If you’re a beginner to using a chainsaw or if you’re an experienced chainsaw owner, you still need to know about ways to protect your machine so you could utilize it for a prolonged period. Chainsaw oil is one of the most important things that you should be acquainted with its function, significance, types, and correct quantity for your particular chainsaw. So let’s just get right to it!

Significance of Chainsaw Oil:

Chainsaw bar oil is a fundamental item in keeping up with your chainsaw greased up consistently diminishing damage and overuse, as well as residue and soil, develop in the bar and chain. This is an absolute necessity while utilizing a chainsaw, with most expecting you to fill an oil reservoir with a particular sort of bar and chain oil. It is vital to utilize the right sort of oil so your chainsaw can keep on moving along as planned and securely at high paces and diminish contact between the guide bar and chainsaw chain.

The chainsawguru blog contains a plethora of guides regarding the maintenance of your tool, so don’t forget to check it out too.

Which Chainsaws Need Oil?

Well before getting into the meat of the article, we need to tell you that although this is a confusing question all sorts of chainsaws including gas-powered, electric, or battery require bar and chain oil. The lack of bar and chain oil makes the machine harder to operate as it overheats easily which in turn will damage your chainsaw rapidly.

Using the Right Kind of Chainsaw Oil:

Chainsaw organizations lead execution tests to see what oil works best in their frameworks. Every manufacturer has different kinds of oil for the specific chainsaw. For instance,

  • Oregon 54-059 Chainsaw Bar Oil
  • STIHL 2.6 Ounce High-Performance Bar and Chain Oil
  • Maxpower 337045 ar and Chain Oil
  • Poulan Pro 952030204 Bar and Chain Oil

Chainsaw bar oil has a specific degree of “smoothness” to it. This smoothness keeps the chain turning at a quick rate without getting dialed back by the erosion that happens when metal rubs against metal.

In this way, to utilize the “right” kind of bar oil in your chainsaw, counsel the manual and use what it proposes. Or on the other hand utilize standard widespread substitution oil, for example, the Oregon 54-059 Chainsaw Bar Oil item.

Using the Wrong Oil:

Although certain oils may be more affordable, they might be costlier to use over the long haul. You could have motor fixes that are essential following quite a while of utilizing some improper oil. So consider an ounce of avoidance and the amount it might save you not too far off.

Utilizing some wrong oil can harm your bar and chain, and it might happen quicker than you understand. Harm can likewise happen to the drive sprocket and clutch assembly.

That’s why you might need caution; a smoking or very hot tip can mean your grease is excessively low. It is prescribed in these cases to stop your machine right away.

You will need to look at the oiling framework as quickly as possible to ensure your chainsaw isn’t harmed.

Alternatives of Chainsaw Oil:

If you do not have the standard oil for your chainsaw or are facing any difficulty then you might think of alternative ways to keep the flow going without any hassle. So following are some substitute oils to use in chainsaws.

1.  Vegetable Oil:

Vegetable oil is maybe one of the most amazing substitute chainsaw bar oils to utilize. This item is generally excellent for the climate, delivers no exhaust on use, and is broadly involved by numerous geniuses as their go-to chainsaw bar oil.

Remember that there are a few sorts of vegetable oil. Soybean oil and olive oil – both fine substitutes for bar oil – are thick and perform better in warm circumstances. Sunflower oil is more slender than chainsaw bar oil itself, so we suggest utilizing it exclusively in winter.

Picking vegetable oils is a savvy decision for safeguarding the climate as well. Vegetable oils won’t harm your environmental elements when it escapes from the chain and splatter the ground, woods, and greenery. Your saw will likewise create a lovely sleek scent rather than the synthetic smell of customary engine oils. 

2.  Canola Oil

Canola oil is a vegetable oil produced using rapeseed plants. As an ointment, it’s perfect for bar and chain oils, as well as cleaning chains and sprockets. It’s biodegradable and could be utilized as a fuel in certain motors!

  •  Canola oil is a decent choice to bar oil since it:
  •  Is biodegradable
  •  Has a high-temperature resistance (can work at temperatures up to 300 degrees Celsius)
  •  Is a viable cleaner.

3.  Gear Oil:

Except if you are involving your chainsaw in hot circumstances, gear oil is certainly not a suggested alternative bar oil. Why? Most gear oil is somewhere multiple times more viscous than traditional engine oil and thicker than legitimate chainsaw oil. Gear oil will probably get your chainsaw running, however, you will likely void your producer’s guarantee with expanded use.

One more motivation to avoid gear oil is its cost. Except if you have a reserve of gear oil accessible if your chainsaw oil runs out, it’s anything but a sound monetary choice to purchase gear oil as a reinforcement. Go after harmless to the ecosystem canola oils or basic SAE 10/30 engine oil all things being equal.

4.  Hydraulic Oil for Chainsaw Bar?

However hydraulic oil will in general dry quicker than engine oil, you can, in any case, involve hydraulic oil for chainsaw bars. This kind of oil shares a great deal practically speaking with engine oil, so it’s certain to keep your chain and bar greased up at the right temperature.

Try not to utilize hydraulic fluids if you’re emptying them of one more motor with the arrangement of reusing them. Avoid any reused oils for chainsaw bar oil except if you channel it well. The depleted hydraulic liquid is horrendous to the climate, and it might think twice about the chain.

However, the new hydraulic oil is fine. It is very flimsy, and it will dry much more efficiently than engine oil, so focus on overheating and supplant it a few times each hour.

5.  Motor Oil:

Engine oil is a typical substitute for bar and chain oil. However, it’s not as great of a substitute as you would suspect. While engine oil can make a slick film on the chain that holds it back from rusting, it doesn’t grease up the moving parts similarly to bar and chain oil. This can harm your saw’s motor whenever utilized routinely over the long run.


Hopefully, this article has proved informative to understand your chainsaw. Chainsaw oils need lubrication for their health and enhanced performance. You can use some substitutes while staying away from motor oils and highly viscous and highly processed oils.

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