Top 5 Countries with Spicy Food

October 18, 2022

The use of species in food is a tradition in many families. On special occasions, foods are prepared using different traditional species. When people go for leisure or business trips, they like to eat different cuisines. Those who love food love trying different cuisines while visiting different countries. 

Tourists prefer to try traditional dishes when they visit any famous tourist spot. It’s important that restaurants and food chains of famous tourist spots get their menus translated into widely spoken languages. 

For instance, they should go for Chinese translation services if they expect Chinese visitors more often. 

 Do you like spicy food? Want to know in which countries spicy food is often liked?  Let’s have a look at five countries with spicy food.


Compared to neighboring countries like India, Chinese food is less spicy. But when we compare it with European countries, Chinese food is spicy. The spicy food in China started from Sout West parts because the climate of that region of China is humid and hot. 

People of that part have a concept that spicy food can make them sweatier, which is essential for the health of their bodies. In the food menu of certain eateries, foods are categorized into more savory, less spicy, and moderately spicy. 

If the menu is translated into the target audience’s native language, they can better understand the ingredients and the level of spices and make the right choice. Here, Chinese traditional translation services can be of great help. 


Malaysian cuisine is spicy with intense aromas. They use different herbs and species that are the specialty in South East Asia. One of the spiciest dishes in Malaysia is Otak Otak. 

People prepared using dried chilies mixed with chopped fish and steamed with banana leaves. If you are doubtful about the spices used in Malaysian food, then the assistance of professional Malay translation services can significantly help you.

 If you are not used to eating herbs, you should go slow. Malaysian translation services can assist you in understanding the ingredients and species of the food so that you can order the food correctly.


Do you know that India is known as the land of Sices? Therefore, many spices in the world have been discovered in India. The vital thing is that the particular route is opened to transport spices from India to European countries. 

Indian people have been using spicy food for ages, so their taste buds are used to spicy food. You can get spicy dishes in many parts of India with red and green chilies. Moreover, you can use more species to enhance the taste of the food.


Thailand is famous for spicy foods. Moreover, it is one of the most popular tourist spots. If you get the chance to visit Thailand, then you will find many spicy soups and fried food on Thailand’s streets. 

It would help if you tried meat and fish dishes cooked in red curry sauce. People of Thailand cook food with different aromatic herbs and spices that give a mouth-watering taste. The best spicy food in Thailand is Tom Yum Soup. It is a mixture of spicy and sour food that offers a perfect combination in a bowl. 


People worldwide love Japanese food because of its wide variety of dishes and delicious taste. Although Japanese people are known for not tolerating the mild spicy flavor. But the China and Korean cuisine influences the Southern region of Japan. 

With the help of Japanese translation services, you can come to know that hot and spicy is translated as karai, karakuchi, or supaishii. If you want to select spicy foods from the Japanese menu, a professional Japanese translation will help you in differentiating the spicy and non-spicy food. 

Wrapping Up 

If you want to develop the taste of species, you must try fewer species first and then increase species intake gradually. People with spicy food don’t find less spicy food tasty.

In foreign countries, you often get confused in understanding the ingredients and species of the food. Therefore, it’s important for restaurants to get their websites and menus translated into widely spoken languages. 


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