A Trip To San Francisco: All The Nuances

October 21, 2022

Driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco is one of the best routes in California and perhaps the most beautiful road in the state of California.

How to get there?

People get to San Francisco in many ways, which can be summarized in four sub-points:

  • By plane. There is only one airport in San Francisco – Terminal 3 SFO airport. You can get from the airport to the city by taxi, a shuttle bus that transports passengers to their place of residence, the Bart metro or a city bus for.
  • By train. At the same time, there is no railway station in San Francisco itself. The nearest one is in the suburbs, in a place called Emeryville. Getting to San Francisco from the station and vice versa is not difficult – buses run every half hour, the fare in which is often included in your train ticket.
  • Machine. In the city itself, you will surely leave it near the hotel and set off to explore San Francisco on your own two feet.
  • By bus.

Transport in the city

There are many types of transportation in San Francisco. Let us start with old trams, known to many from photographs from tourist guides and guidebooks. By the way, this is not only an attraction for tourists, but also a real city transport used by local residents.

Buses and trolleybuses run with regular and enviable constancy. The main thing is to know in advance what the stops are so that you do not get confused and don’t get lost. First of all, these are the most common bus stops — with a small visor and a bench inside.

Sometimes you can also see a high-tech stop — with a screen that displays information about the date, weather, time of day, how long to wait until the next bus and, of course, advertising.

The subway is part of the BART system, the rules for using which are not particularly different from subways in other US cities. The cost of one trip depends on the chosen distance.

Housing in San Francisco

San Francisco is a popular destination for travelers from all over the world, so accommodation in the city is no problem. However, real estate prices here are much higher than in other cities of the States and are practically equal to the prices of New York.

What to watch?

Walk along Fisherman’s Wharf, where a huge number of boats are moored and overlooking the San Francisco Bay. Here you can go to one of the many restaurants with delicious seafood or the local farmers’ market.

Pier 39 is a very touristy place. I will name two reasons to visit this place. The first is to try the gastronomic hallmark of the city — Clam chowder soup made from fish and seafood, the second — to admire fur seals, which lie imposingly on the pier and enjoy the attention of the public.

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the symbols of San Francisco. And to take cool photos with the bridge in the background, look for an observation deck called Battery Spencer on the map.

China Town is one of the most colorful “towns” in all of America. Head here for souvenirs and Chinese noodles.

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