Top Tips for Buying the Perfect Bed Sheet This Holiday Season

October 31, 2022
Bed Sheet

Bed Sheet

Since buying a bedsheet is undoubtedly the simplest way of giving your bedroom a makeover, you may be considering buying one to usher in the holiday cheer. A few handy tips for understanding some aspects of bed sheets for a better buy:

The Material 

Cotton is the number one preference for a bed sheet material because of its great feel and comfort. Sheets made of Egyptian cotton are possibly the best you can buy though their prices can be higher. However, these sheets are very high on comfort and last a lifetime. Moreover, they get softer with use. Bed sheets with labels specifying ‘100% cotton” are usually made of American Upland, short-staple cotton with a slightly coarse texture. While they last long, they are not as soft. You can also choose Pima, which is cheaper than Egyptian cotton but feels soft and durable.

The Size

Getting the bed sheet size right is vital. In addition to measuring the length and width of the mattress, you should also consider the mattress height. It is a good policy to allow for some shrinkage over time, so it is better to buy a sheet with pockets more than the mattress’s thickness. If you find it troublesome to keep adjusting the sheets because they slip, you may find fitted sheets a better deal. A fitted bed sheet ensures it stays firmly attached to the mattress regardless of how much you toss and turn during the night, making for more comfortable sleep.

Staple Length 

The staple length is nothing but the industry’s jargon for the length of the fiber used in weaving the cotton threads. There are three broad classifications of staple, short, long, and extra-long. According to Textile School, long-staple cotton yields finer yarns that manufacturers can weave into softer and smoother fabrics.

The Weave

The type of cotton and staple are only two aspects of bed sheet quality. You also need to carefully select the weave because it directly impacts the feel and comfort level. Jersey knit is popular because it is a durable and stretchable blend of cotton and synthetic materials. The feel is similar to flannel and ideal for winter nights because it retains heat well. Flannel sheets with a twill weave have a soft feel. You can consider sateen bed sheets if you want a plush and silky feeling. However, because cotton is the base material, it has a warm feel and lasts long. However, the weave makes the sheet considerably heavy. Another weave, Percale, is popular for the tight weave that gives it a soft smooth finish and a light feel.


In addition to the material and manufacturing specifications, you also need to find a bed sheet matching your home décor and lifestyle. You can choose colors, patterns, and designs that match your sense of style and complement your interior décor. Moreover, you should look out for a bed sheet you can wash at home. While you can chuck cotton sheets into the washing machine without a thought, you will need to bear the extra expense of dry-cleaning silk sheets.

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