Four Times You Might Need A Lawyer But Not Realize It

November 4, 2022

If you turn on the TV, chances are you will find a show with a lawyer in it. Most shows depict lawyers in a courtroom helping a criminal or defendant trying to prove innocence, however criminal defense attorneys are not the only types of lawyers that exist. Infact, there are many different types of lawyers that exist, and some you may have never even heard of before. Attorneys exist to help represent you for pretty much any purpose that you may need. Here are four types of lawyers that you may not realize you need: 

Estate Planning Lawyer

An estate planning lawyer is a lawyer that almost every single person should hire at least once in their lifetime. What an estate lawyer does is help you to plan and address what will happen with your estate, property and assets if something were to cause you severe illness or death. Many people wait and put this planning off until they are older in their lives or their health starts to decline, but at that point, the last thing you will want to be doing is scrambling to figure those things out. If you do not have a plan for your property, and are to die without a will, unfortunately there are default laws, and the government may be able to take everything from you. An estate planning lawyer will help you create a trust, will, power of attorney, and help you determine every aspect of your life on your own terms. It is suggested to use an estate planning lawyer as soon as you have an asset that you would want protected.

Car Accident Lawyer

Many people will get into car accidents and not realize that a lawyer can help them file for compensation in damages and any harm that was done. Most often, someone is at fault for the accident and will cause physical harm and trauma to the other driver as well as damages to the vehicle. Many people try to get as much out of the insurance as they possibly can, and then move on. Hiring a Loganville, GA car accident lawyer can help you to receive much more than what the insurance can give you. Insurance will probably just cover the damages to the car, but there could be hospital bills, doctor bills, and the time spent away from work trying to get everything straightened out. A car accident attorney will fight for you to receive the biggest compensation possible. You can click here for more information. While some people may not be incredibly injured, whiplash is a true injury that can cause more damage to the body down the line if it is not properly addressed at the beginning. 

Business Lawyer

Many people that start up their own business have so many things they have to consider, however one thing that few consider is a business lawyer. This is a lawyer that is worth the investment. A business lawyer will have all the knowledge to help you get your business off on the right foot, and understands all the laws dealing with business to help you know what to do and what not to do. Some things that this type of lawyer can help you with are things such as: your finances, legal documents, liability protections and even your business structure. Starting your own business is hard and takes a while to turn a profit, so you will want to protect your finances. A lawyer can help you apply for a business loan and help you see where you can earn capital, as well as help you keep track of records. These types of lawyers are well versed in zoning laws, state regulations, and employment laws. This could be your protection against any lawsuits and avoiding them all together. 

Intellectual Property Lawyer

An intellectual property lawyer is similar to a business lawyer in the fact that they understand intellectual property law such as trademark and copyright laws. More specifically an Idaho trademark attorney will help you file for a trademark and help you to avoid making any copyright mistakes, and more importantly, help you to protect your own trademark against copyright infringement. Creating a brand or invention takes a lot of work and is not something that you want to let someone take away from you. 

Lawyers are here for your protection, and there are many different types, so that they can be incredibly well versed in your specific goal. While they are expensive up front, a lawyer can help you to avoid huge financial losses, or compensate you more than you even end up paying them. They are well worth their fees. 

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