Personalised Cake – One of the Best Christmas Gifts

November 22, 2022

It is even less than 15 days left for December to arrive. It is the most exciting month of the whole year. A little touch of sadness is there since it is the last month of the year. You would sit and recall how another year has passed on. But, your melancholy would change in a wink when you find the bright side of this month. It is Christmas month. And it is just incomplete without the cakes. To make your beloved’s Christmas even more special, it is best to personalize the cakes. Here is a list of the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones. It is best to order Christmas cake delivery in Brazil to get the best quality of it.

1) Strawberry cake

One of the most common and popular forms of cake is the strawberry flavor. Christmas has a signature color combination- red and white. And strawberry is also red. So this cake would perfectly reflect the essence of the occasion. One can choose the cake to be of strawberry flavor. Or one can choose to top the cake with strawberry flavor. Design the name of the person on top of the cake to make it memorable for them.

2) Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet is a sensation of cake that everyone loves. It is also a very popular choice of cake for every occasion. A red velvet cake as we know by the name is red. It is so much rich with strawberry flavor. Sometimes it gets a very special décor with shredded strawberries. The best way to personalize the cake is with a picture of your beloved on top of it. Make sure to bake the cake in the heart shape. Such a beautiful cake would make their Christmas even more special.

3) Black Forest Cake

The new sensation in the trending era is this black forest. Rich with a variety of berries, this cake makes an amazing impact on your loved ones. Usually, a black forest cake has simple dough with different forms of shredded berries added to them. These berries are perfect for seasoning and surprising the ones eating. On top of the cake, there are frosty cream and chocolate sauce décor. The cake is violet in color and looks very attractive. You can customize the names of the recipients on top of it. If you are ordering a Christmas gift basket delivery in Brazil, it is best to add one of these cakes inside it.

4) Nut Cake

Winter is the perfect season for variety. There are rare flowers that bloom in winter. Then there are varieties of juicy fruits. And we should never forget about the nuts. These nuts play a very important role. They are perfect for seasoning and garnishing. But what about a cake full of nuts only? This is an ideal Christmas gift for your beloved ‘nutty’ friend or relative. There are rich nuts like pasta, chestnut, cashew, and more. Besides, there are almonds and brain nuts as well. This is a very enriched cake with a high level of protein and vegetable oil.

5) Chocolate Mousse Cake

Christmas in winter is just incomplete without the chocolates. It is cold mostly (except in Australia), and the chocolate in the hot fuss is a delicious delight of Christmas. This is a surprise cake. The outer layer is of a lot of chocolates and chocolaty dough. And inside the cake is full of a dark chocolate cube. Suggest your beloved devour the cake after heating. When they will cut the hot cake, the chocolate mousse will ooze out everywhere. Plant a flag on top of the cake with a loving short Christmas message. With this cake, add some flowers Christmas flower delivery from Brazil.

6) Butterfinger Cake

Cakes in winter have a special taste. All cakes are full of nutrients. Like nut cake, the butter finger cake is also very rich. For your beloved who is fond of butter, this cake is for them. A high amount of butter content in the baking process makes it taste utterly delicious. It is perfect to give the cake a customized size and shape. Such a personalized cake would make your beloved feel so special on this occasion.

7) Crepe Cake

A crepe cake is a very tasty cake. It brings a lot of nostalgia for childhood Christmas everyone. These are multi-layer cakes. There are different tastes in this cake. Banana crepe cake is the perfect cake for celebrating Christmas. This is a very simple and easy-to-digest cake. Such a cake with honey on top of it would make a delicious delicacy for your beloved. One can bake the cake at home. Or one can choose to send Christmas cake delivery in Manaus.

8) Brigadeiro Cake with Strawberry

A Brigadeiro cake is a fluffy multi-layer chocolate cake. It is very rich in different forms of chocolate flavors. And what makes this cake special is the rich décor with berries. On top of it, you can slice strawberries and spread them on them. Sometimes one can half the strawberries to give the cake a bolder look. The cake would also have a rich thick chocolate crème topping as well. Such a delicious cake with a personalized name on it would make the cake even more special.

9) Cream Drop Chocolate

Crème drop chocolate cake is a very popular Italian delicacy. Here, the cakes are of cream drop shapes. Usually, the mocha taste of crème fills the cakes inside and the cake case would look like a drop of crème. Or you can DIY the design. You can bake a cake in a round or love shape. Then decorate the chocolate cake with drops of crème on it. It gives a perfect look to the cake. Also, you can choose to write the recipient’s name with the crème drops.

10) Cherry Cheesecake

Cheesecake is the most ancient form of cake in the world. And it was very much symbolic of Christmas. A cheesecake is the easiest to bake. There are different flavors of it. Since it is Christmas, cherry cheesecake is the most ideal one. You can bake the cake and then decorate it with cherry slices on it. You can also choose to add slices of cherry to the dough for seasoning. Or you can also add cherry essence to keep your cake simple and clean.

Christmas is just incomplete without cakes. Above are the best-personalized cakes to order for your beloved ones on Christmas. If your beloved is living outside, then send Christmas cake to Campina Brazil as well.

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