Server Feet Issues: Take the Right Measures

November 25, 2022
Server Feet Issues

Server Feet Issues

Numerous workers in a broad spectrum of diverse jobs may need you to stand for extended periods practically at the same spot when they are working. You may develop a foot issue when work demands being on your feet for hours. Your feet have to bear your body weight. According to WebMD, your feet will need to work harder if they require supporting more weight. The most effective way of preventing foot pain is keeping your body weight down and avoiding obesity.  Employees in the restaurant or service industry have demanding jobs that can be exceptionally hard and stressful on their feet, particularly in an environment where it is pivotal to look impeccable and polished. 

If you take the right measures, you can stay productive and comfortable throughout your duty hours. For a chef, hands are crucial, while a bartender or server knows the role of feet in getting the job done. If you are in the service industry, you need to do a lot of standing and running around. You may take proactive measures to keep server foot issues and soreness at bay.

Identify the Right Shoes

Keeping foot pain at bay begins with footwear. You may find the perfect restaurant shoes to curtail server feet issues and associated pain. 

Look for Perfect Fit: You should buy shoes with a perfect fitting. The width, length, and arch height are crucial measurements for achieving a perfect fit. It is pivotal to opt for the right size by measuring your feet and buying a pair of shoes compatible with the shape of your feet.

Buy Supportive Shoes: The perfect shoes for people in the service industry, like waiters and waitresses should provide adequate support and complete protection from toe to heel. Shoes with perfect fit and support will help keep your feet well aligned and your arches perfectly lifted. They should provide the right amount of cushioning for the balls of the feet, and heels. Moreover, they are best for absorbing shock.

Opt for Slip-Resistant Shoes: Slip-resistant restaurant shoes and soles may not be instrumental in curbing or alleviating foot pain, but they can help minimize risks of undesirable falls and slips that may cause serious foot injuries and long-term damage.

Focus on Insoles: Insoles are versatile and powerful. They are effective for boosting the comfort and support provided by your restaurant shoes. Orthotic insoles are crafted and used for cradling your feet and providing adequate support that your shoes may fail to provide. Insoles support your arches, combat muscle fatigue, and provide perfect cushioning for your feet.

See a Qualified and Experienced Podiatrist

You should identify the warning signs. You may seek an appointment with a podiatrist at the earliest when you notice symptoms like the following: 

  • You experience acute pain when in the morning you try getting out of bed. Symptoms indicate plantar fasciitis.
  • You experience soreness and often-excruciating pain in your foot. It can be arthritis or inflammatory joint disease.
  • You notice discolored nails. Blue streaks on your nails may indicate melanoma while yellow streaking may mean the presence of fungus in your nails.
  • There is poor blood circulation in the feet. Moreover, blisters or sores do not seem to heal over a period. These are indicative of diabetes.

Conclusion: Demonstrate TLC

Follow a regular foot care routine. Keep pampering your feet with some TLC in the form of foot spas and massages for restoring and rejuvenating your tired feet.

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