Surge Trader Prop Firm Review – My Experience In 2022

November 27, 2022

The number of prop companies providing money for traders has increased along with the foreign exchange prop company. Trading your own money for a living is becoming more and more difficult as leverage is being reduced by forex brokers and the industry is becoming more regulated. Prop firms can help traders in moving on to the next level in this situation!

One of the top financing solutions for retail forex traders seeking to fund their accounts is Surge Trader Opens in a new tab. A $1,000,000 financed account is something that no other prop companies are able to offer, and the company is based in the USA.

What Differentiates Surge Trader from All Other Prop Firms?

Given how highly competitive the prop company funding market will be in 2022, it’s important to analyze the key distinctions among these companies and identify the areas of opportunity.

The advantage of these top prop companies competing is that they are continually improving to boost their profits. The good news is that they provide us traders extra discounts, rewards, and money.

Is it Possible to Receive Funding from Surge Trader?

You won’t ever get the funding whether you’re offered a $1 million funded FX account or not if the rules are strict. So, these regulations reasonable in light of that?

One of the company’s rule sets applies to Surge Trader. On your demo account, you essentially need to make 10% without going over the 4% daily drawdown and 5% maximum drawdown limits. You can go as rapidly or slowly as you like with this. You will receive money if you can follow to these guidelines. It’s pretty simple to understand!

Given the lack of a time limit and the straightforward rulebook, I’d contend that if you can’t complete this challenge, you’re probably not ready for funding from any of the top prop businesses. Those who meet their profit goal are given best funded trader accounts.

Who is the broker used by SurgeTrader?

8Cap, a broker, and Surge Trader’s technology have been combined. This broker is situated in Victoria, Australia, and is governed by ASIC.

Its purpose was to provide customers with outstanding financial services. They started out in 2009. Customers can trade FX, indices, and commodities with five offices worldwide and numerous regulatory jurisdictions.

With a Trust Score of 73/99, EightCap is seen as having an average level of risk. They are as follows:

Trading CFDs and Forex

Social trading and copy trading with cryptocurrencies

Total tradeable symbols are 326.

45 currency pairs are available.

There are two different account types: Basic and Standard. Depending on which account you use, the commissions and fees will change. While Raw accounts receive a fee, Standard accounts have spread. Another expense to take into account is the overnight charge. With restrictions based on the size of your trading account, you can leverage up to 1:30.

Available Financial Instruments

If we add the assets from each market, there are more than 350 financial instruments available to you in SurgeTrader.As contrast to some Forex prop firms or futures prop firms, which specialize on a single category, SurgeTrader offers a variety of financial instrument categories, making its product adaptable for all sorts of traders and trading techniques.

For instance, more than 200 different cryptocurrencies, including as BTC, ETH, ADA, and XRP, will be available for trading. The main currency pairs on the Forex market, some commodities like silver and gold, and well-known indices will also be at your service. Some businesses provide instant best funded trader accounts in return for more significant participation costs.

But that’s not all; you may also trade a wide range of shares of well-known corporations, including Coca-Cola, Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and many more, totaling more than 90 distinct corporations. For those who adore commodities, there is also access to Spot Brent Crude Oil and Spot WTI Crude Oil.


Following the Audition Process, SurgeTrader provides money. Funding ranges from $25,000 to $1,000,000 with 30-day withdrawal requests and a 75% profit share.

Because there is no stop-loss requirement for all trades, this is a great place for beginners. A trading account with a $1,000,000 balance is also available to experienced investors.

I suggest anyone looking for reliable outcomes in their trading techniques to use SurgeTraders. Despite being still very new, they provide excellent terms and a 1-Phase Audit Process that enables traders to employ various trading techniques.

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