Planning A Trip With Your Family: Here Is Why Consider Vacation Rentals

December 15, 2022

If you are planning to trip to Idaho and want a comfy residing experience, look no further than vacation rentals!

Unlike high-paid hotels, short-term rentals may offer unique residing experiences, and add a home-like comfort away from home.

There are several advantages to renting a vacation home, like everyone having their room, multiple bathrooms, and a kitchen for saving money or helping with a specific diet.

Here are the five major reasons you cannot overlook Coeur d Alene, ID vacation rentals for your upcoming trip.

1. A Dedicated Kitchen

It comes as no surprise that the apartment has all amenities just like your house and if you want to enjoy home-like comfort, consider short-term rentals. One of the most valued amenities is the kitchen, which enables visitors to prepare their lunches and dinners rather than having to dine in a restaurant every single time. This option is especially helpful when traveling with children because you can be confident they will eat what you make and won’t have any major issues with unfamiliar products or cuisine. It also saves money.

2. Get Extra Space

There are numerous benefits to booking a vacation rental, but the extra room for families to stretch out is one of the best. Pick the style that best suits you. People often search for vacation rentals with at least two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living space that is larger than the majority of hotel rooms. Some houses available for rent outside of a city could have a yard or pool. You may like having more room when you’re on vacation as a family.

3. Privacy

Hotels might limit your options for relaxing, and it can be difficult to close the door and enjoy some peace apart from the rest of the group. Look into vacation rental properties if you value your “Me Time”. Imagine paying almost the same amount as a hotel room for a private home with five bedrooms that are ideal for the entire family! Take advantage of the time you have to yourself in your room while also being able to watch a movie as a family in the living room and prepare meals in your kitchen.

4. Amenities

One advantage of a vacation rental is that it may have extras like private pools or access to lovely clubhouses or shared residential pools. Wi-Fi, DVD players, games, books, outdoor toys and activities, and occasionally PCs are common amenities in many rentals. Some may even offer extras like admission to a neighborhood country club or the use of nearby boats or canoes. This is undoubtedly more than you would find in most hotel rooms. Also, many rentals even offer golf carts for use on the beach or in neighborhoods.

5. Great Customer Service

If you are concerned about how the vacation rental system operates, you should know that the logistics are simple and secure. When you arrive, a staff member of the agency greets you, hands you the keys, walks you through the area, and introduces you to the apartment. You can get in touch with the agency and its assistance if you run into any issues while you’re there, so you’re never on your own.


As you can see, families can benefit greatly from holiday rentals. Find a vacation rental in a resort area with facilities if you want the best possible trip! With access to communal pleasure, you will have the privacy you require in your house.

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