Best Travel Series To Stream Right Now

December 19, 2022

In the current economy traveling is a luxury and if you like traveling there is only much you can see. Keeping into account the passport your hold, its strength, and the overall flight prices, you are in for a ride that will lead you to bankruptcy. Even if you end up dodging the budget bullet, there is no way you can afford all the places or even enjoy all the activities that are on your bucket list. A hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia or a desert safari ride might look good on paper but considering the accommodation, food, and travel charge nothing adds up. While your limited budget might be forcing you to press pause on your adventures till further notice, your idiot box can take you on a ride that will cost you nothing but an internet connection and an online streaming site subscription.

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Best Travel Series to Stream Right Now

Travel shows were once very popular. You would see people binge-watching travel shows and series about geographical regions. However, these shows lack human perspective and they were completely one-dimensional. As a result, the viewer would feel detached and bored within a few episodes. This changed with the travel vlogging culture where people started enjoying the human perspective of the travel stories. They love listening to people who would travel to distant areas and share their experiences through the camera. Later, travel vlogging also revived the idea of travel shows. Now travel shows are very niche specific. Although, you will get to see the same place in different travel shows the human element, topics, and relatability factor sets them apart.

From exploring traditional foods from around the world to looking at taboo cultures, these travel shows will take you on a roller coaster ride that you might even miss on a real journey. 

1.   Dark Tourist

Touch Point: Mindboggling and Weird Aspects of the Region  

Correspondent: David Farrier

Available On: Netflix 

Dark tourist explores the epitome of human ferocity. From the tragic historical events to the dark traditions that are still carried out in the current era, this show is a treat for people who are interested in knowing about the dark side of the places and tourist destinations that we all love. Exploring death, tragedy, and the events that still haunt mankind, you will explore some unusual events. 

Prepare to conquer your fears as you come along this magical journey that starts with witnessing the exorcism of Mexico and taking you to the suicide gardens of Japan and the swimming site from the nuclear blast in Kazakhstan. Some of the events are so staggering that it will take you a few sleepless nights to just wrap your head around them. 

2.   Conan Without Borders

Touch Point: Pop Culture and Celebrity Interviews 

Correspondent: Conan O’Brien

Available On: Netflix and HBO Max 

Dry and boring travel shows need some standup comedy. To offer just the right blend of humor, pop culture references, and some breathtaking site seeing experiences, the late-night show host Conan O’Brien will take you to some hard-to-miss places. 

From the global cosmetic surgery capital of Korea to communist Cuba, this magical ride will help you get to a place that you have never experienced. If you think that these places might not be on the top of your list, just take a leap of faith and dive for the sake of some comic relief and you will not regret making this choice. 

3.   Street Food: Asia

Touch Point: Authentic Street Food and Traditional Flavors  

Correspondent: Jay Fai

Available On: Netflix 

When it comes to Asian cuisines, our reference is limited to some soggy, synthetic vinegar-dripping Chow Mein. In case you are experimental then some late-night ramen and frozen dumplings will become your refuge as well. However, Asian cuisine is much more than these food combinations. This street food show will take you on a magical ride of flavors that you have never experienced before. From the sizzling hot spicy food in India to the fried insects in Thailand and some dried octopus in Korea, you will experience the true flavors through local street vendors. 

4.   Tales by Light

Touch Point: art, photography, and travel   

Correspondent: Art Wolfe, Eric Cheng, and Jonathan Scott.

Available On: Netflix 

We have all heard about insta-worthy photos and how they come to life. However, most of us never get to know about iconic photos that are critically acclaimed, awarded, and globally praised. From the perfect timing to seeking the right location, this is the mix of the right time and right place. If you are on a creative block or you need some inspiration for the master art, this series will be the motivational kick that you might be seeking. In case you are a new photographer still learning about the angles, lighting, and the way you should capture the story, Tales by Light is a must-watch that will change the way you look at a picture and how much work goes behind one simple picture. 

5.   The Kindness Diaries

Touch Point: Shoestring Budget Travel and Social Experimentation  

Correspondent: Leon Logothetis

Available On: Netflix, BYUtv, The Roku Channel or discovery+

Ever wonder what will happen if you are in a strange place stranded on your account without any budget? Do you think you will survive or the world will turn against you just as most people might claim? The kindness dairies will change your perspective about people. It will convince you that just one bag and a few pennies will be enough for you to travel through the world. From hitchhiking across the country to asking locals for food, shelter, and gas money. You will see human compassion dripping all over the place. Where the show gives hope for the future, it will help you get in touch with raw human emotions like never before. 

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, traveling is expensive and there is no doubt about it. However, unique human experiences are worth more than a fat bank balance. With these shows, you do not have to spend anything, yet you will be able to learn about the places that are worth visiting.

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