Top-Rated Toys To Get Your Kids Playing Outside

January 1, 2023

These days, so many parents have the same concern; children are hardly playing outside anymore. For the most part, this is likely due to the massive change tech has in our daily lives. 

When we were younger, there wasn’t much else to do other than play outside. While these days, children have 24/7 access to cartoons, movies, games, and so much more. Absolute entertainment convenience has made it more tricky for parents to get their kids away from screens. 

So, while searching for fun activities to get your children playing outside, you can also consider these top-rated toys that encourage outside play. 

Nerf Blasters And Waterguns

Dart guns and water guns are among the best action toys that encourage outside play. But there is no doubt you do not want Nerf darts zooming around the living room or squirts of water threatening the safety of the TV, so it is essential that kids play with these toy guns outside. 

Nerf guns are also one of the most popular present requests from children this past festive season; there is no doubt your kids will love these toys. 

Sidewalk Chalk

If your kids enjoy creativity, you could also consider sidewalk chalk. Not only is sidewalk chalk exceptionally affordable, but it is also easy to clean off paving with water. 

Your kids can write words, create floor murals, or even pen down the board for hopscotch and other playground games. 


A sandbox is a welcomed classic that is been encouraging outdoor play for several decades. While a sandbox is excellent for sensory development through tactile play, it is also great for creative thinking development. 

Alternatively, water and sand tables are also an excellent idea. These toys are fantastic for gross and fine motor skill development. 

Gardening Toys

Gardening toys are imitation toys related to gardening. These toys are an excellent way to get your children playing in nature outside, and even learning about plants. 

Gardening toy sets are available in a pretty wide range, with kids gardening gloves, wheelbarrows, gardening tools, and so much more. 

Sports Equipment

Sports have a wide range of benefits to offer to all ages, and sports sets are easy to come by. You could go for a regular soccer ball and goal post set, a cricket set, or even a golf set. These toys are also available in various price ranges. 

Wheeled Toys

Wheeled toys like bicycles, tricycles, scooters and even skateboards are also toys that encourage outside play. 

These toys are also great for building balance and various other early developments. Even so, be sure to invest in recommended safety gear for these toys, like helmets, knee pads, gloves, and others. 

Toys that encourage outside play are not just beneficial for reducing screen time. Spending time outside also offers a variety of other benefits for kids, like improved sleep quality, improved mood, increased creativity, enhanced physical fitness, and so much more. So, you can consider this category of toys an excellent investment for your children’s growth. 

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