How Much Do Memorial Gift Trees Usually Cost?

January 3, 2023

The most preferred way of remembering a loved one is through memorial gift trees. You can plant these trees in cemeteries, parks, and public areas you often visit. 

The price you incur while donating a memorial gift tree depends on whether you want to plant the tree by yourself or through a planting company.

Planting Memorial Gift Trees On Your Own

The main advantage of growing a memorial gift tree on your own is that you can choose the exact location of your gift tree. On the flip side, if you decide not to plant the tree on your land, you will likely spend much time researching and securing permission from the relevant authorities. The price may vary depending on location.

If you do it on your property, planting the tree/trees will not cost you any money. However, you will have to pay around $50-$100 for memorial tree seedlings. Also, expect to part with approximately $60-$170 if you choose to plant the trees in a public location. As A Living Tribute, you can choose from a wide selection of trees, including oak trees, blue spruce, silver birch, and magnolias.

Planting Memorial Gift Trees With A Company

If you lack the necessary skills to plant a tree, the good news is that companies can help you perform the task. These companies also sell memorial gift trees at affordable prices. The hired professionals at these planting companies strive to ensure the proper care of your memorial tree once it is set up.

It is worth noting that planting a memorial tree via an organization is much more expensive. Below is a list showing some of the most common memorial gift trees and their prices.

Memorial Gift Trees And Approximate Pricing

  • Blue Spruce


  • Memorial Meyer Lemon Tree


  • Magnolia Ann


  • Oak Memorial Tree


  • Coral Rose


Gift certificate


  • Southern Magnolia Memorial Tree


 How To Purchase A Memorial Gift Tree

As previously stated, you must determine whether you will plant the tree by yourself or through an organization before purchasing it. Follow these simple steps: 

  • Research the organization’s credibility

The organization will perform the tree planting for you, so you must research their integrity and credibility.

  • Research the organization’s planting location

You will want to know where the memorial tree will be planted and whether the site is preferable for you and your family.

  • Choose the type of tree that you intend to plant

In most cases, most organizations offer a variety of tree selections that you can choose from. Accordingly, you can plant the tree you want at a specific location.

  • Place an order

If you are confident about the services of the planting company, you can proceed to place an order.

  • Receive the certificate, photos, and locations of the tree

You will receive a certificate detailing the location of the planted tree so that you can pay a visit once in a while.

Purchase A Memorial Gift Tree From A Reputable Organization

Planting organizations come in handy when you are unfamiliar with planting trees. You can rest assured that your memorial gift trees will be handled with care if you choose an organization with a positive reputation.

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