Tips to Consider Before Doing CPR Procedure on Patients

January 6, 2023

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is mainly a process of emergency intervention that will help in the restoration of breathing and heartbeat of people. However, there might be different reasons that result in the effect on a person’s life. Some situations even create the problem that creates life-threatening problems.

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What to do before the CPR procedure?

There is no doubt that CPR is a life-saving procedure, but it must be done with proper care. There are some common things that a person needs to ensure before they start performing a procedure on their patients.

Ensure Environment is Safe

The place where the CPR is performed must be safe to avoid the occurrence of any other serious act. If the place contains any danger like fire, traffic accident, or other danger, the patient‘s life might be in danger.

Try to Wake the Person Up

You must try to wake the person up if the person gets caught in any serious issue. First, he should press the shoulder of the patient firmly and ask them if they are OK or not. Next, just put your efforts into waking patients to get good results.

Call 911

If, in any situation, the patient does not wake up, then calling number 911 on the spot is advisable. If you have a basic idea of CPR,n you can perform it on the spot.

Put Person on Back

Put the patient carefully so that their health does nto get affected. For example, if a person’s spinal cord is not in a good position, then you can move the head and neck with proper care.

Check Their Breathing

Breathing is the most essential part of life of, people. A person should have an idea of whether the patient has proper breathing or not. So keep your focus on the breath of a patient. If the patient’s breathing does not make a start in 10 sec, then just start with CPR.


What Does CPR Stand for?

CPR mainly stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The term has a unique meaning. Here the term cardio means heart, and pulmonary refers to lungs. If the heart of the person stops working, then CPR is used.

When CPR Invented?

In 1960 the invention of CPR took place. After proper analysis, it was declared that CPR could be used to save people’s lives.

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