3 Things You Should Know About Copier Leases

January 19, 2023

Copy machines are still preferred by many business owners. The most important question for the business owner is whether they should buy a machine or rent the machine from copy machine rentals. However, there are several advantages of renting a printer for business because it can be cost-effective. There are a few things you must know about copier leases.

Advantages of leasing over buying

One of the major things that you should know is there are several advantages of having copy machines on rent rather than buying them. Leasing will allow you to use the capital cost required for your equipment to spend on other projects. The periodic payment of your machine will help you set your budget which can be a good sign to avoid a large down payment upfront.

Plenty of options

You will be able to choose from menu options while deciding which copier you should choose

Fair market value leases:

The most common type of rent is fair market value. The advantage of FMV leases is they have a lower monthly payment as compared to others. However, you will not get any ownership of the property because you are just renting them. It would be ideal for the business owner who does not want to own the copier.

$1 out leases:

The company who might want to on their copier would consider this option because, after the end of the lease, you can also own the machine for at least $1. It provides you an option to make your machine finance over the lease and you do not have to worry about other payments. If you want to reduce the maintenance cost, then it would be idle for you to upgrade your machine from time to time because it will not require any kind of maintenance cost.

Usage is an important factor

There are thousands of copiers out there with different functionality and made up of different technology some are the latest and some are older versions. It might be tempting for you to see the latest upgrade option for the machine but make sure first you have to see what kind of usage you have in your business and choose wisely according to your business preference or else you have to pay extra for your machine without even using them.


These were a few things that you must consider while renting the copier because it can help you to reduce cost and help you to know what kind of preference you have in your office. Make sure to rent your machine because buying them would cost you a lot and resting is the best option for your business.

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