Printing Your Custom Shirt On A Screen

January 19, 2023

When you can create fun and unique graphic designs for your dream clothing brand, it’s definitely a fun business to be in. Ultimately, your designs will reflect your business’s creativity and imagination, allowing your customers to identify with your ideas and greatly influence their purchasing decisions.

As a result, the fashion industry itself is extremely competitive. It will take more than just your creativity to help your business thrive, since there are several fashion businesses out there trying to sell and make their product well-known. 

Prints R Us Screen Printing are highly dependent on the quality of the clothes, for instance. Your business can be greatly affected by the type of garment used and the print quality of the garment.

Our quality service will help you turn your custom designs into reality and help you be successful in your fashion business. Keep reading to learn more about screen printing techniques, how the process is done, and the advantages of screen printing t-shirts and custom t-shirts.

How does screen printing work?

Printing methods commonly used in the fashion industry include screen printing and direct-to-garment printing. A stencil and ink are used to print vibrant designs on clothes using screen printing.

It consists of stencils (usually silk screens attached to wooden frames) and thick water-based ink. In the first step, a thin mesh screen will be stretched over the silkscreen, and a negative of your chosen design will be printed over the screen. 

Once the stencil has been applied to the shirt, the ink will be rolled over it and transferred to it. A thick, vivid, and opaque image appears on the shirt after it has been left to dry.

In the fashion industry, screen printing is a staple. Look at some of your long sleeve t-shirts and everyday shirts and their printed designs-most of the designs were probably screen printed on your t-shirts. Even though screen printing has been used in the fashion industry since medieval times, this traditional method is still in use today.

The ink used in screen printing methods is plastisol ink. In a plastic-based ink, PVC particles are suspended in a liquid plasticizer. Screen printing inks are widely used due to their durability and flexibility.

Advantages of Screen Printing

There are several reasons why screen printing is a popular and widely used technique. Aside from its affordability, screen printing has other benefits as well. As a result, screen printing ink is less expensive than other types of ink used for t-shirt graphic design. You won’t have to worry about your wallet even when you order large quantities of this ink.

This method is also beneficial for producing vivid and bright graphics on garments. In addition to being thick and opaque, the designs created remain visible atop the clothing. Since screen printing methods make any graphic design look great on any shirt color, you don’t have to worry about mass printing your designs on different-colored shirts.

In addition to being long-lasting and having excellent color print quality, screen-printed designs don’t require any special maintenance when they are maintained. In screen printing methods for t-shirts, plastisol ink is not easily chipped. 

Because the plastisol doesn’t soak through the clothing, the designs remain on the surface of the fabric after drying. As a result, your t-shirt design will likely remain in good condition for years to come.

Screen printing can be tedious, especially for complicated designs, but its complex process is exactly what makes it produce professional results. Getting professionally done custom prints with screen printing is therefore a high-quality approach.

Final Thoughts

With screen printing techniques, designs can withstand heat and water without much difficulty. Further, the screen printing process fuses the ink over the fabric, enhancing the precision and sharpness of the design on any color shirt. With our screen printing services, you can enjoy long-lasting, customized t-shirt designs of high quality, as well as budget-friendly designs that are of the highest quality.

The custom printing services we offer enable you to order in bulk a wide variety of designs. Additionally, screen-printed designs are likely to remain fashionable for a long time. For thousands of years, screen-printed designs have been a staple in everyday life, and they will remain so for years to come.

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