Yacht Buying Guide: New vs Used

January 22, 2023

A yacht is an excellent investment for people who love spending time at sea. Buyers must choose if they want new yachts or used ones, and they should also consider some factors before settling on a seacraft. 

This article will show customers the pros and cons of buying a new or used yacht. You can make your decision based on your sailing requirements and your budget. 

Tips When Buying A Yacht

Buying a yacht is a big decision, so people must carefully think when choosing their seacraft. Buyers have different needs and requirements for their boats, so consider these factors before finalizing a purchase.

1. The yacht type

These boats have different sizes, so you must determine why you need the vessel. Are you planning for a short fishing expedition or a week-long charter? 

You can choose if you want a new or used yacht; both vessels have similar functions with some differences in their technical systems.

2. The yacht price

You must carefully consider your budget when purchasing a yacht. You pay the purchase amount and the extra expenses before and after the sale. 

The model, size, and age affect the overall yacht price. Used yachts are more affordable than new ones, so plan your budget before making a purchase.

3. Hire a yacht broker

A yacht broker can help you with several aspects of the buying process; they can look for sellers and arrange a test charter. A professional broker can match you with a suitable vessel that fits your price range.

New Yachts

When buying a yacht, people first think of a new model. These vessels have several benefits, but potential owners must check if they meet their needs and fit their budget.


New yachts have several benefits for their owners:

Innovative designs

Yacht manufacturers make new designs every year, so buyers are ensured to have high-tech and beautiful boats when they buy a new yacht.

Better electrical and mechanical systems

Some new yacht designs include WiFi routers so you can stay connected with loved ones on land. They also have a more efficient electrical system than older models.

Manufacturers also design eco-friendly engine models to lessen your charter’s environmental impact.

Minimal maintenance costs

These yachts include a warranty for parts repair, and as the parts are new, you’re sure there will be minimal issues. 

Boat shows may offer the customer significant discount rates if they buy at the appropriate time, and you can receive financing at a reasonable interest rate.

They are customizable

Some manufacturers will have to build your boat from scratch, so you can choose the features and upgrades you want on your vessel.


New yachts may be an attractive choice, but there are some concerns the buyers may have when they make this choice:

It’s expensive

Buying a brand-new yacht is one of the most expensive choices for a potential boat owner. The more features a vessel has, the more expensive.

It takes longer to obtain

Some people may find their dream yacht ready with a dealer, but some buyers aren’t that lucky. The company will have to build your sea vessel from scratch, and you might wait for months until the yacht is finished. 

There may be mechanical or technical problems in the future

A sea trial is essential before settling on the vessel, but some problems covered by the warranty may develop in the future.

Used Yachts

A used yacht is rarely a potential buyer’s first choice, but these sea vessels also benefit new boat owners.


Here are some of the benefits you’ll encounter with used yachts:

It’s more affordable

A used yacht will cost less than a new one. It may be an older model, but if you’re content with its current features, you can choose that boat.

Slow depreciation

Yachts depreciate quickly after the first few years you buy them; a used vessel will be fine. You can sell the boat three years later and still earn a significant profit.

Less risk of mechanical or technical failure

You can trust the previous yacht owners have fixed the technical and mechanical errors on the boat, but you must have your broker check all parts carefully before settling on a deal. 

Vast vessel selection

There’s a bigger market for used yachts, so you can find one with the features you need instead of having to customize it.

Excellent for charters

You wouldn’t risk renting out your brand-new boat to strangers; that’s why used ships are better for charters. You can profit from the amount you spent buying the boat and even save to buy another.


Despite their benefits, used yachts have some concerns you must also consider:

Previous boat problems

Some problems from the previous owners need to be checked, and you risk inheriting those concerns. That’s why it’s essential to test and inspect every part of the boat before buying it.

More expensive maintenance repair

The initial purchasing price for a used yacht is affordable, but older vessels mean there might be ongoing maintenance you must fund. A warranty may not cover these costs.

The boat choice depends on you; consider the buying risks, waiting time, and price before settling on a seacraft.


Buying a yacht can be intimidating; you must choose trustworthy yacht dealers and brokers. New and used vessels have benefits and drawbacks, so these people will guide you to make the best purchase. 

Always consider your needs and your spending capacity. Check every part of the boat and do sea trials to ensure you get the best vessel for your money.

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