Learning Traditional Martial Arts Techniques

February 9, 2023

The debate between traditional and modern martial arts argues the practicality of the former in a real fight. But despite the prevalence of MMA, traditional martial arts training still offers techniques that can help improve fighting skills. The best part is they teach life skills that can be useful in improving other aspects of your life.

Basics Of Traditional Martial Arts 

Most traditional martial arts were primarily skill sets for war. The skills were based on weapon mastery and empty-handed fighting. Today, traditional martial art is taught chiefly for self-defence. And with a broader scope than modern martial arts, traditional techniques are meant to improve you holistically. Training focuses on improving students’ minds, discipline, and self-development.

Some of the characteristics of a well-trained martial artist include the following:

  • Physical power and precision
  • Strong self-discipline
  • Clarity of focus
  • Indomitable Spirit
  • Determination
  • The ability to think clearly under stressful conditions

Is It Worth Learning Traditional Martial Arts?

Of course, it is. One of the reasons people get involved in martial arts training is the recent surge in the popularity of MMA. More venues than ever before are offering martial arts classes.

As mentioned earlier, traditional martial arts training covers more than fighting skills. It teaches various life skills, such as discipline, self-confidence, determination, respect, focus, and concentration. These skills can help students achieve all goals in other areas–academics and social life.

As a physical activity, martial arts can also be an excellent outlet for pent-up aggression and a way to get some exercise.

Most traditional martial arts forms require focus and no distraction, like during meditation. So, you can use them for relaxation and reducing stress.

Last but not least, with martial arts having religious roots, some people learn them to improve their spirituality.

Tips And Techniques For Traditional Martial Arts

Traditional martial arts have existed for thousands of years. And while some have only remained part of history, some techniques are still practised today. There are many types of traditional martial arts, and the most popular ones include:

  • Aikido – Japan
  • Karate – Japan
  • Judo – Japan
  • Kung Fu – China
  • Taekwondo – Korea
  • Muay Thai – Thailand

These different forms of martial arts vary in origin and style, but they do share general basic moves, including:

  • Kicking
  • Punches
  • Leg sweeps
  • Elbow and knee strikes
  • Parry attack
  • Striking with an open hand

Most styles need footwork, coordination, and movements that aid defence or attack.

Other traditional martial arts, like Judo, are based on grappling, which involves engaging in a close fight without weapons. These martial arts emphasise throws, sweeps, chocks and bars, takedowns, groundwork, and submission holds.

Most importantly, all traditional martial arts use a combination of physical training, repeating moves and forms, and meditation. The complicated techniques can be hard for beginners, and sometimes training is repetitive. But this toughness builds resilience and mental strength.


Traditional martial arts techniques offer several physical, mental, and emotional benefits. The extra lessons and rituals help you become a better martial artist and person. It is worth noting that traditional martial arts need focus, discipline, and determination.

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