Five Reading Gadgets You Will Want To Pack For Your Next Trip

March 8, 2023

Here is a fun fact about avid readers: most read even more on holidays than they do normal days!

When a trip includes a lot of commuting and waiting at stations and airports, the best thing to do to kill time is to pick up something to read and lose yourself in it. But sometimes, it would even seem like the bibliophiles travel just so they can find a natural, beautiful place to enjoy their books.

In this article, you will find the gadgets that would be extremely useful when you are traveling as a reader. The gadgets make great companions for any globetrotter, but as a reader, they are essential to make your travel time pleasant and meaningful.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Every traveler needs a good pair of headphones. To be exact, a pair of noise canceling ones. You will be grateful that you do when you are laying lazy on a hammock at a beach and need some music entertainment. Or when that baby on the airplane starts to cry to the top of their lungs.

Headphones are very handy for readers, not only for music or silence. It is your best friend when you want to listen to an audiobook. With the advent of Whispersync for Voice by Amazon and Audible, you can even continue a book in the audio form exactly where you left it on your Kindle device or the Kindle app on your phone.

If you want to enjoy your favorite book without missing out on that picturesque sunset scene, definitely put a headphone into your suitcase the next time you trot. Along with a device that plays audiobooks, of course.

Sunglass Readers

Bibliophiles who travel on a regular basis love reading sunglasses.

Sunglasses have various prescription types worth noting as a traveler. The major types are bifocal, multifocal, and progressive types. With prescription sunglass, you can comfortably read as you enjoy other traveling activities without necessarily changing your glasses. They provide UV protection, allow travelers to read comfortably, and add a fashionable touch to any outfit. With all their advantages, it is easy to see why reading sunglasses is a must-have for any avid reader or traveler.

If you often find yourself holding a book or an ereader in a garden full of sunshine or on a sandy beach in a hot day, definitely consider packing a pair on your next trip. They are not only protective, but also very handy.

Sunglass readers not only offer protection for your eyes and the skin area around the eyes from harmful sun rays, they also come in various magnification powers to assist with your reading. Some sunglass readers are even bifocal, so you can read and do other activities without changing between two pairs of glasses.

Pick the reading sunglasses that are large enough to cover the whole eye areas. The ones with label UV400 will be sufficient to block the UV rays.

In addition, they should also be polarized and anti-reflective, thus your eyes will not have to expose to the sun glare and strain to read or see objects.

An Ebook Reader

When you are on long trips, it is hard to decide which books to bring along, so that you have enough to read. And it is no fun to drag a suitcase full of books around!

An ereader is the perfect friend for travelers who refuse to stop reading while they are on the road. The devices hold thousands of titles in a small body.

Unlike smartphones and tablets, ereaders feel much better on the eyes. They come front-lit and their screens are designed to prevent glare.

In addition, an e-ink ebook reader typically only needs charging once every couple of weeks. You can read for hours at once for several days and never worry about the device getting hot or running out of power.

Ereaders also allow you to access online bookstores and buy more ebooks wherever connections are available. If you are traveling to a foreign country where English is not widely spoken, definitely bring along your Kindle. It is a real pain to rush to a local bookstore, only to realize they do not have books you need in your language.

A Book Light

Book lights are a great companion for the night owls who want to enjoy their bookish adventures without disturbing a sleeping roomie or bedmate. Even if you read on an ereader or other electronic devices with screen light, a book light is still a handy item to bring along with you on your trips.

There are various types of book lights available on the market. The best ones for travels are the clip-ons, which you can clamp onto your book or ereader while you read. Another well-loved book light is the on-the-neck light, which can curve around your neck.

These book lights can be very useful when you are traveling in poorly-lit areas. They make perfect mini-lamp in your tent. They illuminate on the paper, as you write that letter or postcard, or play that mini chess game. They serve as a backup for when the electricity is out in the countryside.

These book lights are compact and do not take much space in your luggage. You will not even notice the weight!

Fingerprint Bookmarks

The fingerprint or finger pointing bookmark is one of the most simple, but also the smartest thing you can carry with you on a trip, especially if you are a reader.

Its first and foremost purpose is to serve as a cute little gadget to mark the page you are reading. This way, you will waste no time looking for the page the next time you open the book. You can even point the petite hand to the exact word you are at.

While you are traveling, the bookmark can be handy for other purposes too. Make use of it as a big rubber band to tie your tent, for a quick fix of your boots, or to group your stuff together for organization. You will be surprised how the little band could become a savior in close-call fails! RVs are also a good option if you wish to go ahead with a personalized trip; you can carry most of the above-listed items along to make sure that your trip is comfortable and soothing. Ensure that you follow the tips on maintaining your RV while out for the trip.

Anitya is a full-time nooblogger from Hooked To Books, a blog dedicated to books, reading, and gadget reviews. She aspires to make the reading time the highlight of the day for everyone by sharing her reading tips, introducing interesting books, and reviewing gadgets that provide comfort and enhance reading efficiency. Check out her latest article here.

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