The Newest Guide To Pre-Cut (Pre-Plucked) Lace Wig 2023

March 24, 2023

Are you still a frontal lace wig user? It is one of the most popular options and has grown in popularity recently for various reasons. First of all, this kind of wig is among the best choices, because it produces a stunningly authentic appearance. A mesh material surrounds the hairline of this wig.

The scalp feels natural since every hair has been carefully stitched. There are countless ways to style a frontal lace; you can split your hair and create a ponytail, various updos, and braids. There is not any difficulty that you cannot achieve. 

This lace wig is one of the high-end wigs that will suit even the pickiest consumers.

If you are hunting for something new in 2023, you may have encountered a pre-plucked or pre-cut lace wig and wondered what they are. 

What Is A Pre Cut Or Pre-Plucked Lace Wig?

When you buy a wig boxes that has been “pre-plucked,” you will be amazed because the baby hairs at the hairline have already been removed and need no glue. The most important thing to know about wigs is that their weight is the same everywhere.

Like actual hair, the density on top of a wig is lower after it is plucked. When you look at your hair, you will see that some strands are excessively long, and your hairline has a few small baby hairs. This is due to normal hair growth. So, not each hair can have the same length.

For a wig to look perfectly authentic, it has to look just like that. When the hairpiece is pre-cut, it makes wonderful baby hairs and a smooth hairline. Pre-plucked wigs are expensive, but they look better than all the others.

If your hairline has not been plucked, the same color hairpieces can do this job for you. You need to replace your hair and make it seem natural. This process requires following the same hairline, color, texture, and style. That is a rule that everyone should stick to.

How To Cut Or Pluck A Lace Wig And Make It Your Own?

Do not give up if you ordered a lace wig that is not pre-plucked. You can do it at home and save a few bucks. It is simple to pluck your hair and an excellent technique to make it your own. 

We will guide you through a simple method for doing it precisely and some other fun ideas for customizing your wigs to make them appear more authentic and natural.

Step 1 – Try It First

When you receive your wig, try it on to ensure it fits. So please do not start the process until you are sure you bought the appropriate size since you will not be able to send it back. 

Step 2 – Wash It With Proper Care

If the wig is comfortable and appears in good overall condition, wash it carefully.

Step 3 – Examine And Start Plucking

Put the wig on Styrofoam and fix it with pins on the lace. It would be best if you were tight so it does not move around. Check out the wig’s hairline closely; it is dense and exactly what you do not want. To remove hairs from your face, begin on a single side and start working across. 

Use good tweezers, and do not go overboard with the plucking. It is better to start with a small amount of hair to check how it looks. You can always do it again if the hairline still looks too thick.

Step 4 – Try To Produce A Natural Well-Defined Hairline

Avoid the clean part near the hairline. Plucking between the hairs in such lines is also recommended because the effect will be unnatural. You should avoid making a straight hairline because it looks fake. 

Additionally, examine the contour of your hairline, and try to replicate it exactly as possible. That is the secret to blending the wig with your natural hair.

Step 5 – Apart It Deeply

Choose the exact area where the wig’s apart. Either the center or the sides are options. Go ahead and remove a few hairs from the parting as well. Try the wig on many times as you are plucking to assess your progress and find out which areas still need more hair removed. 

And there you have a flawless-looking, incredibly realistic plucked wig!

Buy Pre-Cut Headpieces And Save Yourself From Hassle!

If you are unsure how to pluck it, it is best to have a professional do it for you. Instead, find a frontal lace wig that has already been pre-cut or pre-plucked. Some women bleach the lace to match their scalp. Dark mesh wigs can seem fake and unreal.

You can also make your wig look better by trimming it. To achieve the ideal hairstyle, use a wig stand and give it a nice little cut. You can also take the wig to the salon for grooming.

Color is another key factor that you need to take into consideration. This is especially important if you want the wig to be undetectable. You can change the color if you do not like how it looks, but only if the wig is composed of real human hair.

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