Benefits of Using a Mattress Protector for a Healthy Lifestyle

March 28, 2023

A mattress cover does more than protect your mattresses; it also provides comfort and increases the life expectancy of the Mattress. Taking care of your health and the money you spend is a priority for Lastman’s Bad Boy, which offers an exclusive product called the Bay Street health guard basic mattress cover, a doctor-recommended product for asthma and allergy control. 

A mattress protector is highly recommended for a good night’s sleep, 

maximum protection and increasing the Mattress’s durability.

Our product has the following features: –

  • 100% Moisture-Proof – It does not allow moisture to enter and trap the Mattress, so even if you wake up sweating, sleep hot, or live in a humid region, this product is made for you! You will be completely relieved of the sagging of your Mattress, and it will no longer look unsightly. Take a break from sun-drying your mattresses and make a better choice!
  • Breathable and Extremely Comfortable – The texture of a mattress cover will never cause you any discomfort because it is designed in a unique way to keep you relaxed and is highly breathable. In addition, The fabric is weather-resistant; these can be used at any time of year. So, be it summer, winter, or rainy season, it is created to keep you at ease.
  • Stain and Odour Resistance – Do you enjoy a cup of tea or coffee in bed in the morning? Or, perhaps, you are someone having small children who frequently wet the bed and spill things?

Here comes the best part, these mattress protectors provide you with the best protection against stains or foul odours by not allowing bacteria to accumulate on your Mattress. Anytime you spill anything, wash the cover, and it’s ready to use again. It eliminates moisture, repels awful smells and keeps your mattresses fresh. 

  • Dust, Mite Barrier and Allergy Protection – Allergic agents are easily deposited on the surface of mattresses, making it extremely difficult to clean the Mattress over and over again. Dust mites usually attack mattresses because they feed on dead animal skin tissues that we shed, and they can even bite you while you sleep. Therefore, Mattress protectors aid in the elimination of dust mite-related health and cleanliness issues, as well as prevent any sort of skin allergies.
  • Soft Surface Technology: Our superfine quality mattresses provide you with ultimate comfort along with extreme protection. It has an ultra-soft fabric that is very soothing to the touch. The product is not at all rigid or harsh in texture, so you won’t have any concerns about rashes or skin allergies. Also, the product’s fabric makes it difficult for allergens to get embedded in the Mattress. This product is made to enrich your sleeping experience while keeping you safe and healthy.

Make them a part of your bed Today, as It is a personal safety product that promotes a healthy living experience!

Even the doctors recommend our product because it is safe for asthmatic patients too.

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