Why Should You Use A Dog Whistle As A Training Tool

March 29, 2023

Our pets are a real treasure, and the moments we spend with them can turn into memories that influence the rest of our lives. But at the same time, they are a responsibility, and any caring pet owner must ensure the proper upbringing of their pets. A dog that listens to commands is a companion that can be by your side in the most critical moments of your life, and a cat that does not have destructive tendencies can be a true friend that blends in with the décor of your dwelling. But for your pet to be well-behaved, you will likely need to use a few tools. But what are these tools?

To begin with, if you are a dog owner, you should invest in a dog whistle. Why? Because it can be one of the most effective ways to get your furry friend’s attention. Are you a cat owner instead? Then a good idea would be to invest in a cat scratcher to distract your cute kitten. But you may need more details, so in the following pages, we will present some of the advantages of these two accessories and analyse why your pet needs extensive training to be well-behaved.

Train Your Dog Efficiently

Unlike humans, dogs can hear much higher frequencies than we can, which can be used to our advantage when we want to enforce certain behavioural traits. A dog whistle can be an effective way to teach your dog to obey specific commands. As it emits sounds that will not be heard naturally, a dog whistle can be associated by your pup with a particular reward or command, which is ideal as it allows for a sense of specificity that is harder to achieve when using only the voice.

The versatility of a dog whistle makes it a perfect accessory whether you want to train your dog to stay close to you when you go out, or you want to make him follow specific commands. But the main advantage of such an accessory is its silent appeal. Ultrasonic whistles cannot be heard by humans and can be employed to attract your dog’s attention without disturbing your neighbours. The sound produced by an ultrasonic whistle is powerful and difficult for your furry friend to ignore, but for us who cannot hear these frequencies, it is completely inaudible, which is convenient.

What Is So Special About Cat Claws? 

Cats are fascinating animals. Not being as domesticated as dogs, they have retained many of the basic instincts that can be found in their natural environment, and one of these is to scratch. Why do cats scratch? Several reasons. Cats have specialised glands in their claws that release pheromones when stimulated. In other words, when a cat scratches an object, it signals to other rivals their presence. This is a helpful behaviour in the wild that helps them mark their territory. But in your home, it can be a nuisance that can only be remedied with the help of a cat scratcher.

Another reason cats scratch is to preserve the health of their claws. When scratching an object, your cat sheds some of the outer keratin layers of their claws, which promotes regeneration and has an effect in fighting fungal infections. Last but not least, cats feel better when they claw an object. Unlike humans, cat claws are attached directly to the bones of their paws, and when they extend them, cats feel the same relief you get when you stretch your back muscles after a long day at the office. Not being as receptive as dogs when it comes to training, it’s almost impossible to force a cat not to scratch, so one of the best ideas you could have is to offer them an alternative via a cat scratcher.

Protect Your Expensive Furniture

What is the main advantage of a cat scratcher? The fact that it can protect your personal belongings from the claws of your adorable little beast. When agitated, bored, or simply excited, cats tend to scratch particular objects, and perhaps their favourite targets are our expensive curtains, pillows or quilts. These habits cannot merely be fazed out, as they are engrained in their behaviour, but what you can do instead is offer them a viable alternative.

Thanks to the materials from which it is made, a cat scratcher provides a more attractive option for your cat and can draw its attention away from your home’s furniture. Furthermore, a cat scratching post can be a form of exercise for your cat, especially if you choose a type your feline has to climb. A high-quality scratching post is, therefore, not only a tool to help maintain the optimal health of your kitten’s paws but also a toy to provide mental and physical stimulation.

Use Every Tool You Have At Your Disposal

The life of a pet owner can be complicated. You need to know the best accessories to improve your pet’s life, you must be aware of the most popular anti-parasite drugs on the Australian market, you ought to recognise the most recommended pet food brands, and last but not least, you need to be equipped with a large number of tools and skills to help your pet develop properly physically and behaviorally. But it is all worth it.

Pets, when adequately trained, can give us priceless moments of relaxation and joy. Would you like to enjoy nature walks with your furry friend? Then you could buy a dog whistle and use it to correct minor mistakes in behavior that you do not want to encourage. Do you own a cat and want it to fit in perfectly in your household? Then you should invest in a cat scratcher to direct some of its energy away from your furniture.

How you want to use these accessories is up to you, but ultimately, they are tools you must master. An ultrasound whistle is only effective if you can use positive reinforcement. At the same time, a cat scratching post will only have the desired effect if you try to get your kitten interested in it. In other words, your diligence is the most fundamental factor that can influence the behavioural traits of your pet.

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