Best coastal kitchen ideas

May 9, 2023

Do you dream of bringing the calming and refreshing vibe of the beach into your home? Look no further than your very own kitchen! With some coastal-inspired decor and a few clever design tricks, you can transform your cooking space into a seaside oasis.

Whether you live near the coast or simply love the look and feel of a beachy retreat, these 10 coastal kitchen ideas will inspire you to create your own beautiful and functional space that radiates relaxation and tranquillity. So grab a cup of coffee (or piña colada!) and let’s dive in!

How to make the most of a small space

When it comes to designing a coastal kitchen in a small space, there are several tricks you can use to maximize your square footage. First and foremost, consider the layout of your kitchen. You may need to get creative with how you arrange your appliances and cabinets to make the most of every inch.

Another key factor is storage solutions. Opt for slimline cabinets that don’t take up too much room but still provide ample storage for all your cooking essentials. Utilize vertical space by hanging shelves or hooks on the walls for extra storage.

In terms of decor, keep things light and bright to create an airy feel in your small space. Consider using glass-fronted cabinets or open shelving instead of solid doors which can make a room look cramped and closed off.

Be selective with what you put on display in your kitchen – less is more! Stick to just a few statement pieces that fit within the coastal theme without making the space feel cluttered or overwhelming.

By following these tips, you can enjoy all the benefits of a beautifully designed coastal kitchen even if you’re working with limited square footage!

How to add coastal style to your kitchen

Adding coastal style to your kitchen can be a fun and creative project. The coastal theme is all about creating a relaxed, beachy vibe that makes you feel like you’re on vacation every day. Here are some tips for adding coastal style to your kitchen:

1. Choose the right color palette: Coastal colors are typically light and airy, with lots of blues, greens, and sandy tones. White cabinets or walls can also help create a bright and breezy atmosphere.

2. Incorporate natural elements: Bring in materials like wood, stone, or wicker to add a touch of nature to your space. Consider using driftwood or seashells as decorative accents.

3. Use nautical touches sparingly: While it’s tempting to go overboard with anchors and sailboats, too many nautical touches can make your space look cheesy. Instead, opt for subtle nods to the sea such as rope handles or striped textiles.

4. Add texture: To give your kitchen depth and interest, mix textures like woven baskets or rattan chairs alongside sleeker surfaces like marble countertops.

By following these tips for adding coastal style to your kitchen, you’ll have a relaxing retreat that feels like a seaside escape every time you walk into the room!

10 coastal kitchen ideas

1. Light and Airy Colors: Coastal kitchens are known for their light and airy colors that create a sense of tranquillity and relaxation in the space. Think shades of blue, green, white, and beige.

2. Woven Accents: Add some texture to your coastal kitchen by incorporating woven accents such as rattan bar stools or pendant lights.

3. Nautical Touches: Embrace your love for the sea with nautical touches like anchor decor or rope detailing on cabinet handles.

4. Open Shelving: Keep things simple and open with floating shelves instead of upper cabinets to showcase your beachy dishware collection.

5. Wood Elements: Incorporate natural wood elements into your coastal kitchen design with a butcher block island top or wooden flooring for an added warmth.

6. Seashell Decor: Bring in some seashell accessories like coasters or wall art to add a touch of whimsy to your space.

7. Beach-Inspired Backsplash: Create an oceanic feel by using tiles that resemble waves or fish scales as a backsplash behind the stove area.

8. White Cabinets: Crisp white cabinets provide a clean base for any coastal-themed kitchen while making it appear bigger than it is!

9. Vintage Finds: Look for vintage finds at flea markets such as old glass jars filled with sand, shells, starfishes etc., which bring character into the kitchen


Casual Dining Area : A rustic driftwood dining table accompanied by wicker chairs provides comfortable seating options in this casual dining area perfect for family gatherings!


Creating a coastal style kitchen can be a fun and rewarding project. By incorporating elements such as light colors, natural materials, and seaside-inspired decor, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful oasis that embodies the relaxed vibes of coastal living.

Whether you have a large or small space to work with, there are plenty of coastal kitchen ideas that will suit your needs. From adding open shelving to incorporating beachy accents like seashell artwork or blue glass vases, the possibilities are endless.

Remember to keep functionality in mind when designing your coastal kitchen. Choose durable materials for countertops and flooring that will stand up to everyday wear and tear while still looking stylish.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect coastal-style kitchen that is both functional and visually stunning. So go ahead and let yourself get inspired by the beauty of the ocean – it’s time to bring those beachy vibes home!

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