The Ultimate Guide To Diapers In The Philippines: Choosing The Best Brand For Your Baby

May 10, 2023

Whether you are a first-time parent or you have had kids before, the knowledge that you are soon going to become a parent may bring some anxiety. You will experience feelings of being so green in matters of parenting. 

This is because, as a parent, you must make many choices to safeguard your newborn’s well-being. It is no secret that settling for the right diapers can be a great hustle. 

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut when it comes to diapers. Every parent will have to deal with diapers for the first few years of their baby’s life. 

According to an American Academy of Pediatrics study, most parents use at least 3,000 diapers in the first year of their child’s life. Fact: Every baby is unique; therefore, it will not be a surprise when different diapers offer greater comfort or better leak protection, depending on the child. 

So, it is vital and advantageous to determine diapers suitable for your infant. However, most parents do not have time to select the best diapers from the many available possibilities. This article will highlight the best way to choose the best brand for your baby. 

  1. What Is Your Preferred Diaper? 

Today, you can find two varieties of diapers, disposable and reusable. So it is crucial to pick one that will be ideal for you and your baby, because each type has benefits and drawbacks. 

Disposable Diapers Are For Convenience 

It is no secret that most parents prefer disposable diapers to reusable diapers. The truth is they are more convenient to use compared to cloth diapers. 

Imagine the only thing you need to do is dispose of them once the diapers are soiled. Additionally, because they are more breathable and absorbent than cloth diapers, you will not have to worry about the side effects of the diapers on your child’s skin. With disposable diapers, you can be confident that your child will less likely suffer from skin irritation and the emergence of rashes in babies. 

The long-term financial implication of disposable diapers is a drawback. This is because most kids wear diapers for several years. Also, the fact that they are non-biodegradable makes them harmful to the environment. 

Cloth Diapers Are Eco-Friendly And Reusable

Cloth diapers or reusable diapers are increasingly becoming common among new parents. They are becoming a darling since most are made of absorbent materials like bamboo, polyester, cotton, etc. 

Additionally, most parents find cloth diapers tender and less harsh on newborn skin. However, you need to note that cloth diapers can be expensive initially, but they are cost-effective in the long run as you will not need to keep buying diapers. 

Also, by using cloth diapers, you will be helping in environment preservation. Additionally, a cloth diaper is eco-friendly compared to a reusable diaper. However, you must remember that cloth diapers are less absorbent than disposable diapers. Therefore, as a new parent, you need to keep an eye on your infant so that you replace it frequently to avoid skin irritation or rashes. 

  1. Choose Between Taped Diapers Or Diaper Pants

Disposable diapers come in two varieties, taped diapers and diaper pants. Besides, they have all the standard sizes ranging from infant to XL. 

Most people avoid using diaper pants because they believe they can be strenuous compared to taped diapers. But each of these types has its unique benefits and disadvantages. The beauty of disposable diapers is that almost all diaper brands produce the two types. So once you settle on your preferred brand, you will still enjoy the benefits of the diapers. 

Diaper Pants

Diaper pants are among the favorite style of disposable diapers because of their ease of putting on and taking off. They are a go-to style, especially if your infant is moving about, as they are quick to change. 

Diaper pants are so flexible. Therefore, it is easy to change a baby, whether crawling, standing, or walking. Besides, if your baby feels old enough to change their diapers, you can use them as training pants.  

However, taped diapers are cheaper compared to diaper pants. Additionally, it may be challenging to find one that will perfectly fit a newborn infant as they mostly come in larger sizes. 

Besides the fact that they are not adjustable, they may not be suitable for newborns. The diaper pants may irritate their unhealed navel due to friction.

Taped Diapers

The good thing about a taped-style diaper is that it’s adjustable. So it is easy for a parent to adjust it to fit their baby’s body size. Therefore, it is easy to modify the fit of your baby’s waist with tape. 

Moreover, a taped-style diaper is ideal for newborn infants with limited movement. However, if your baby has more movement, it can be slightly challenging to change your baby’s diaper. Also, the tape could become loose over time, providing the need to change the diaper. 

If you look at it, this can be a bit expensive over time — also, the fact that the diaper can lose its stickiness provides more room for leakage. 

  1. Go For Baby Diaper That’s Friendly To The Baby’s Skin

Every baby’s skin is unique, but we cannot negate that they are exceedingly delicate. 

If you have a small baby, you might notice even a small amount of dirt or dust irritates their skin and result in a rash. If you fail to change your kids’ diaper on time when it is full, it will result in discomfort, itchy skin, rashes, and sometimes even bacterial infection. 

So the only option here is to choose the best diapers in the Philippines for your baby to avoid such complications. 

Consider the material and absorbency of the diaper that you want to use. This is because the absorbency is the main job of any diaper, as it helps to protect your kid from moisture issues and keep them dry. While the material of the diaper should be soft on the baby’s skin. 

If the diaper you are using has a slow absorbent rate, it can lead to various issues. This includes the following skin rashes, irritations, and uncomfortable itching. Besides, this increases the chances of the baby getting bacterial infections.  

Therefore, buying the best diaper brands in the Philippines is advisable if you want to reduce the frequency of changing your baby’s diapers. The diaper should be able to hold onto moisture for at least an extended period. 

Remember that keeping your baby dry and clean at all times is crucial. This is vital for both comfort, hygiene and health concerns. So when buying a diaper, keep in mind the material and the absorbent rate of the diaper. 

Final Thoughts

It is no secret that every parent cares deeply for their child. They care about their comfort, health, and if they are happy. Undoubtedly, for small infants, baby diapers play a significant role in these areas. 

So when shopping for a diaper, consider whether you’re going for a cloth or disposable diaper. The size of the diaper, the absorbency rate and the material of the taped or pant-style diaper are some things you need to consider. 

Selecting the right diaper is vital to guarantee that your kid will always be comfortable. This article has highlighted some of the most crucial things you can consider when shopping for diapers. 

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