Are Spanish Classes For Beginners Worth It?

May 12, 2023

Learning a new language is one of the most rewarding things that we can do in our lives. Unfortunately, it is often a lot easier said than done. Although these days we see all sorts of ads for apps on our phones and the like, those often do not give us real and practical conversational skills.

When we are traveling the world, though, it is those conversational skills that we need – not just a bunch of broken words or phrases that we have memorized from flash cards. This is especially true for a dynamic language like Spanish. Considering how many dialects there are, it is pretty important to get a more hands-on learning experience than an impersonal phone app.

Finding Classes Online

In the past, we had to rely on taking university courses or finding them in our communities (which was often rather expensive and time-consuming) to learn languages. Nowadays, though, we have a whole lot more at our fingertips. This means that we can start to search elsewhere.

Obviously, most of us already know that the internet is a great resource. However, in terms of language learning, we often stop at the popular applications that also have a web presence. The truth of the matter is that there are a lot of other ways to learn languages online – we just have to search a bit further to find them.

Spanish For Beginners

It can feel really intimidating to try to jump into a language with little to no prior experience. However, if you are someone who loves to travel and you have been to Spain, Mexico, or any of the other Spanish-speaking countries, it is probably something that you have thought about a lot. Having to communicate with awkward hand gestures and broken phrases is not exactly fun, right?

If you are finding yourself in that sort of state, it means you would probably qualify for what we would call “beginner” courses in a language. It is not a bad thing at all – just means that you will have an easier time establishing a good foundation, really. An example of what that coursework might look like is here,, where you can see what we mean by “beginner” in the first place.

Essentially, they are classes that are designed to teach you a language from the ground up. You are not expected to have much, if any, background knowledge on Spanish when you start out. Instead, you can explore the language for the first time in an effective learning environment, such as learning the possessive adjectives in Spanish, rather than just tapping through phrases on your phone for five minutes daily.

Worth It?

Even if you are not a frequent traveler, learning another language is an enriching experience that helps to train our brains and exercise our minds. Being able to add that you have skills in Spanish can be pretty valuable on a job resume, too. So, already, you can probably see that overall, it is hard to say that these types of courses are not worth it.

However, there is still more to cover. Some programs actually let you do a practice or test session to see if you connect with the teaching style and overall atmosphere. The ability to try it out for free before you “buy” it, perse, is quite nice.  

As you can see in this article, having practical language skills can be really beneficial in all sorts of situations. Of course, if you do like traveling to Spain or somewhere like that, it will be really nice to be able to communicate with everyone there rather than relying on a translator application or those aforementioned hand gestures.

Considering how many options there are out there, you will surely be able to find a teaching and learning style that suits you. Thankfully, most of these programs do offer zoom options as well as some pre-recorded materials in the case that you cannot attend one of the classes for whatever reason.  

Learning from someone fluent in the language who can teach you practical skills can be a big deal. Think about how much more valuable that sounds compared to silly flashcards or stuff like that. At the end of the day, there is really no comparing them – so, if you are going to splurge on anything, why not make it a practical life skill?

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