6 Summer Home Improvement Ideas

May 24, 2023
Home Improvement Ideas

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Colder months take a toll on our homes. The strong winds with debris can crash windows. The tree branches might fall on roofs and leave permanent dents. And let’s not forget the damage sideways and driveways suffer under snow. It’s a pain to deal with later. If you live in Ludington, where the snowy period lasts 5 months, you know the feeling too well.

But the brighter, sunnier days are back. It’s almost summer, and you can’t wait to bask in the sun in your backyard. There’s a slight hiccup. You have to get your home all fixed up first. Don’t fret! We will show you ways to give your home a summer makeover. Let’s get to it.

Go for a bathroom upgrade

Prolonged cold weather can damage your bathroom’s pipes and drains, so you should probably consider revamping your bathroom to spruce it up and ensure its longevity. Besides, a bathroom remodel in Ludington can bump up your property’s value by $13,688 in case you plan on selling it.

So perhaps a new showerhead or a bathtub may be just what you need, or you can re-do the flooring. The cost of bathroom remodeling in Ludington can vary depending on the nature of your project, and you can easily find contractors ready to do the work for you.

Wash away the winter dirt

As we mentioned, winter foliage and debris make a terrible duo. Look at your home’s sides and windows. Aren’t those lingering dirt streaks bothering you? If so, it’s time to clean them up. Pull out your trusty power washer (or rent one) and get to work.

Power washing gives promising results but is slightly tricky. If done wrong, you can damage your home’s siding. Stick to these few basic tips if you’re a beginner.

  • Start at the top and move downward with a swift overlapping motion
  • Always start with low pressure and increase it as needed
  • Be careful around painted walls, wooden surfaces, and glass
  • Give your home a last rinse with a garden hose would do the job beautifully

If you think you won’t be able to take the DIY approach, call professional power washers to do the job for you.

Add an outdoor kitchen

Summertime calls for BBQ gatherings and poolside popsicle parties. You’ll need a kitchen to make your outdoor area an all-time hit. You can opt for elaborate options like an oven and gas stove or simply stick to a grill.

Adding an outdoor kitchen is a major home upgrade, so you’ll have to get permits, plan the layout, and source quality materials. So, take your time and do some research. You can DIY if you have a good grasp of carpentry and plumbing, or you could assign the project to an experienced contractor.

If you’re worried about blowing your budget, take a breather. There are ways you can save some bucks. For instance, use reclaimed materials like wood pallets for your counters and cabinets. Or, make a bar out of an old door!

Do some landscaping

Landscaping is an easy way of transforming your home. You’ll need only a few yard tools and minimum skills. First, define the boundaries of your property with bricks and pavers. You can color coordinate them with your house color. You’ll also need to line the pathways with stonework. Then, plan for a garden; it doesn’t have to be too fancy but don’t miss out on Ludington’s special flowers – fringed orchids, lilies, and purple coneflowers. Plant some shrubs and trees.

You can also add some furniture to your outdoor layout. A garden bench or swing will add a unique charm to your yard.

Give the porch and patio a makeover

Sitting outside on a beautiful evening, reading a book, and hearing the birds sing is an ideal summer experience. The best spots for relaxation are the porch and patio. So, why not give them a makeover?

First, look for any water damage to your wooden flooring. If you find something, fix it before you paint and seal your flooring. As for stains, it could be a dark brown, a mahogany red, or even a pale pastel. If you’re artsy, paint a pattern or a scene on your porch floor. It’s all about being exclusive where you can.

Next, upgrade the patio’s furniture. Use wicker or rattan for a classic vintage feel, or go with a modern metal furniture set. Add some outdoor pillows and accessories to spruce it up further.

Adding a pergola with string lights and airy curtains will also add a nice touch to your patio. You can host dinner parties in style.

Install new gutters

During winter, leaves and broken twigs fall into your gutters and clog them. Plus, trapped water can freeze and expand, causing them to crack. And let’s not even get started about ice dams – the real culprits behind leaks and water damage. So, if you don’t address these issues in time, you could end up damaging your house further.

The upside is that you can install new gutters and downspouts with some basic DIY skills in a couple of hours. Choose a style that complements your home’s exterior in all the right ways. Just make sure you get gutter guards this time! They’ll save you the hassle of climbing a ladder and clearing out debris every summer.


Every home needs a little summer love – so invest in some of these projects now and enjoy the reward later. Taking care of your Ludington home is an investment in the future, and you’ll reap the benefits for months to come. From improved curb appeal to improved functional changes and more, there’s no limit to what you can do. So don’t wait – get started today! With these summer home improvement projects, your home will be ready for the sunshine in no time.

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