How Shooting Shirts Can Enhance Your Shooting Sessions

June 1, 2023
Shooting Shirts

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Quality hunting clothing will give you better performance in the next shooting season. Ultimately, this benefit will result in better success and more meat to take home to your family. Shooting shirts provide an edge from the middle of the woods or the tree stand. Nature is unpredictable, and dangerous weather conditions can make you uncomfortable and unsteady. High-quality shooting shirts can protect you in any weather, with some absorbing moisture in rainy conditions. These clothes provide some control to your body when out in the woods, no matter the season. Learn more about how a shooting shirt can enhance your next hunting season below.

1. Added Camouflage

Shooting shirts can improve your hunting season by adding some camouflage to your body. Animals will feel more comfortable coming close to you when they do not recognize you in the woods. Purchase these shirts in several patterns and color options, depending on the season and environment. The added concealment allows you to slip a shot into any animal that crosses in front of you. It is best to avoid a dark shirt, as these look only like a dark blob.

2. Layering Benefits

A shooting shirt can keep you warm on cold mornings in the woods or the tree stand. Layer long-sleeved and short-sleeved versions of these clothes to keep your body temperature regulated, no matter the outside weather conditions. Wear a hunting jacket over your shirts to keep you insulated in the cold. Remove the outer layers when the sun rises to prevent becoming overheated. You will sit outside for a long time when hunting, meaning you should keep yourself comfortable in all seasons. Layering shirts are easily removable or addable if you need to adjust your temperature.

3. Quick-Drying Shirts

Look for a shooting shirt that absorbs moisture for wet and rainy mornings in the woods. Excess water buildup can make you uncomfortable and weigh you down. These unnecessary moments can lower your accuracy, as your arms will feel heavier. Quick-drying shirts will keep you steady-armed and ready to shoot. You do not have to worry about getting soaked in the rain, especially if you have a water-resistance jacket on the outer layer of your body. Your comfort will keep you in the woods, or tree stand longer.

4. Odor Elimination

As a long-time hunter, you know you need to eliminate as much excess odor as possible. Your human scent will keep animals away and add unnecessary fear. Consider a Merino wood shooting shirt to better eliminate odor from your body. These clothes are breathable and absorb your sweat. The wool naturally regulates your body temperature to keep you comfortable in cold or hot weather. The fabric dries quickly, preventing the smell of moisture on rainy mornings. Odor-causing bacteria will not have the chance to grow on merino wool, meaning you can stay incognito near the animals you want to hunt.

5. UV Protection

You may sit out in the sun for hours at a time when going hunting. Many hunters forget to apply sunscreen when getting ready to leave the house early in the morning. These lotions also add unnatural scents to your body that make animals avoid you. Avoid sunburn and excess heat by wearing a shooting shirt with added UV protection. Most of the time, these clothes are breathable, keeping you cool under the sun’s heat. These shirts will keep you outside as long as you need to be, preventing you from returning home too early.

Find a High-Quality Shooting Shirt

Find a high-quality shooting shirt to improve your hunting season this year. Clothing that adds UV protection and keeps you comfortable in any weather will keep you in the sun for hours. You do not have to worry about excess odors from sunscreen and other lotions. Look for a shooting shirt made from a fabric that eliminates excessive odors. A merino wool piece absorbs moisture and does not allow for the growth of odor-causing bacteria. A quick-drying shirt will prevent you from becoming uncomfortable when sitting out in rainy weather all day. Finally, look for a piece that provides added camouflage to make animals comfortable around you.

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