Building Routines For Preschoolers

June 27, 2023

Routines are hugely beneficial at any stage of life. However, their impact on a youngster is even greater. So, establishing positive routines for your preschooler should be one of the top items on your parenting agenda.

There is nothing wrong with temporary breaks, such as when you are on vacation. Still, a positive routine in their daily life can work wonders for preschoolers. And it will make life easier for parents too. Here is how you can get it right.

Start With A Regular Bedtime

The importance of getting your child to sleep at roughly the same time each night cannot be emphasized enough. Not only is it a chance for their bodies to grow. It also regulates stress genes and circadian rhythm. It is a particularly important factor if your child no longer naps.

You can use visual charts to create a clear bedtime routine, which includes getting dressed for bed and cleaning their teeth. Of course, having a comfortable kid’s bed and mattress should promote a better quality of sleep. You should see benefits in no time.

It will make your life less stressful and make it easier to put further routines in place. 

Encourage Daytime Structure

Most kids respond well when they know what they are doing on any given day. If they know that Saturday is their day for swimming lessons, for example, it is a source of excitement. Moreover, it removes any threat of anxiety caused by unfamiliarity.

Perhaps the most effective way to establish a routine is to look at preschool arrangements. This type of routine will bring immediate benefits while also preparing them for school. So, they will find that the transition is far less problematic when they start full-time school.

It can also be a huge step towards helping them grow some independence.

Introduce Family Routines

The concept of building routines should not be limited to your child’s personal habits. Extending it to cover the entire family’s schedule can be hugely rewarding. For starters, children learn from their parents and will benefit from seeing you take the lead.

Family routines also make life more fun and can provide balance to things like gaming. Family board game nights are a great example. Alternatively, you could arrange group days out or find a joint hobby that is enjoyed by everyone. 

You can start the process today and see immediate results.

Use Rewards And Punishments

Finally, routines also need to create stability in the way you respond to certain situations. Children need to know what will happen following good or bad behavior. When the reactions are erratic, it becomes harder for them to enjoy the benefits of stability.

You can build reward charts using stickers that praise your child for good progress. However, it is equally important to have age-appropriate punishments in place for when they do something wrong. And you must follow through with it at all times.

Routines shouldn’t stifle, they should support. Embrace them and you will see the benefits.

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