Permanent solution for Brother Printer Saying Offline Issue

July 6, 2023

Brother printers are very popular in offices and homes. These devices are budget-friendly and very reliable. New Brother printers are multifunctional as you can use a single device for various jobs. You can use your Brother printer to print, scan, or fax. Now you can connect your printers to the network to share among devices. Brother printers are robust but still you can face offline issues.

Common causes behind Brother printer saying the offline issue

  1. The printer can’t recognize the driver
  2. Some printer services are not working
  3. Brother printer can’t find the cartridges 
  4. The printer connection get interrupted 
  5. Some printer files get corrupted 
  6. Fuser is overheated

Resolving Brother printer saying online issues 

Inspect the Brother printer driver

If your Brother printer saying offline error then you should check for the driver. You mainly get this error when the driver is not working correctly. Your Brother printer requires a driver to work correctly. This driver transfers your print command from the printer to the PC. Without this driver, your printer won’t read your commands and you will get the offline status. You should check the driver installed on the PC. Go to the driver and check for any errors. If your printer driver is outdated then run a new update. After updating, your printer will start working correctly. You can also get the error when you don’t have the correct driver. Sometimes, users install the driver without checking the printer model. Every Brother printer has a different driver. Check the printer model and then check the installed driver. If you have installed the wrong driver then you should remove it. Get the correct driver for your printer. Now reconnect your Brother printer to your device and wait until the printer finds the driver. Once the printer finds the correct driver, you will get online status and now you can start taking printouts.

Power restart the printer

If you get the offline status after sending a new command to your printer then check for services. This error can appear when the user sends a new job when the printer is already busy. Some of the printer services can’t read the new command and stop working. Due to this Brother printer started showing offline status. To fix the error, you have to resume those services. Restart the Brother printer to resume them. When your Brother printer is ON, eject the power cord, now wait for about 10 seconds and reconnect the cord. The printer will restart and all the printer services will start running from the beginning. Send a new print command and now check your Brother printer.

Revert the recent changes

Some users reported that they are getting the Brother printer offline error after changing the settings. There may be some invalid changes. To repair the error, you have to undo all those changes. Go to the printer and recheck the settings. If any printer settings are invalid then revert them. But if you can’t revert the changes of your printer settings manually then use the printer reset tool. Go to the printer and reopen the settings. Hit on the Reset option and then the printer will reset all the recent changes; reconnect the printer and take your printouts.

Reconnect the printer

Sometimes, the printer finds an offline error due to connection issues. The error appears when the printer connection gets interrupted unexpectedly. To fix the error, you should reconnect the device. Go to your Brother printer and remove its cable. Now check the cable for any damage. Replace the damaged cable and get a new cable for the connection. For a wireless connection, disable the Wi-Fi button of your printer. Now restart the button and the Wi-Fi lamp must start blinking and searching the networks. Select the SSID of your network and enter the password. Your printer will reconnect to the network and now you can take the printouts. 

Run a printer troubleshooter

If you can’t find the causes behind the printer error then you should run a printer troubleshooter. You can get errors when the printer files are not working. When you run the troubleshooter, it starts searching for all corrupted printer files. On a Windows device, open the Update & Security tab. Click on Troubleshooter and select Additional. Now tap on the Printer and run the troubleshooter tool. Wait until the troubleshooter finds all files. After repairing the files, restart the printer and check for errors.

Check the cartridges 

You can get errors when the cartridges are not installed correctly on the printer. Go to the printer and check for all cartridges. If any cartridge is damaged then replace it. Clean the slots and cartridges carefully. Refill the empty cartridges and reinstall them correctly. After reinstalling the cartridges, reconnect the printer to the PC and take the printouts reliably. 

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