The Rise of Mail Order Pharmacy

July 22, 2023

Online pharmacies are becoming the preferred way to get prescription medications.

You can skip the lines and long wait at the neighborhood drugstore.

Prescription medication prices are also often lower at an online pharmacy, sometimes by up to 80 percent.

For those with multiple prescriptions, the savings can be significant.

Even though online pharmacies are here to stay, have you ever wondered how these sites got their start?

It Starts with Veterans

Using a mail order pharmacy isn’t a new option.

These catalog-based services began in the mid-1940s to help ensure veterans can always have access to their prescribed medications.

In the 1960s, for-profit organizations set about creating additional mail-order pharmacies with the goal of serving the elderly and those with limited access to a neighborhood pharmacy.

The popularity of non-location-based pharmacies continues to grow.

By the 2000s, mail-order prescription drug services are a favorite option for employers who are looking for ways to save on employee health insurance programs.

Mail order pharmacies are also ditching their paper catalogs and transitioning to an online platform.

What started as a service for veterans has skyrocketed into consumers’ preferred way of getting their prescription medications.

Online vs Retail Pharmacies

An online mail order pharmacy has specific advantages over retail drugstores.

However, your neighborhood pharmacy also has a few benefits.

The two types of pharmacies even share some similarities.

For example, you can consult with a licensed pharmacist regardless of how or where you go for your prescription medication.

Online pharmacies are often more convenient. You can order your prescriptions from almost anywhere.

Your medications are delivered to your address. It’s a quick, easy, and convenient process.

Don’t forget about the lower prices. It’s the primary reason consumers cite for using an online pharmacy.

A local drugstore can also be a convenient option.

Most retail pharmacies carry an assortment of products from health and beauty to household items.

You can pick up your prescription and check a few items off of your shopping list.

Some retail pharmacies even offer membership and loyalty programs. The programs may not offer as deep of a discount as some online sites, but you can still enjoy some savings.

Something else you can take care of only at a retail pharmacy is vaccinations.

It may be a reason to occasionally visit your neighborhood drugstore.

How to Get Your Medications Online

The ease and convenience of ordering prescription medications online is helping fuel the rise of digital pharmacies.

Something to remember is to verify the online pharmacy’s authenticity. You only want to order your medications from a licensed and/or certified pharmacy.

Most online pharmacies list their certification on their website. You can also perform a Google search to learn if the pharmacy is licensed.

You also want to ensure the site employs a licensed pharmacist.

To order your medications, have your prescription handy. You will be required to download the prescription.

From there, fill out the simple order form and select a delivery date and time.

All that’s left is to watch for your delivery.



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