How to Apply for Umrah Visa from UK to Perform the Pilgrimage?

September 22, 2023

As Muslims, we all want to cry our hearts out in front of the Holy Kaabah and ask for the forgiveness and blessings of Allah Almighty. So, if you have saved up money for years to perform an Umrah, it is time to make your dream come true. Everyone travelling to Saudi Arabia to perform an Umrah will need an Umrah visa. If you are wondering how to apply for Umrah visa from UK to perform the pilgrimage, we are here to help you through. 

You might already know that Umrah visa requirements vary from region to region. For instance, if you are applying from the UK, you might have different needs and options than someone applying from Africa. 

If you are confused about the visa requirements and application process, you can contact a trustworthy Umrah travel agency that will assist you throughout the process. You should also keep reading this blog for more information about applying for an Umrah visa from the UK. 

What are the Visa Options for the UK Citizens?

Are you a UK citizen who wants an Umrah visa? If so, you must have a clear idea of your options. All foreign pilgrims must have an Umrah visa to travel to Saudi Arabia to perform an Umrah. But there is an exception for some countries. 

To make Umrah more accessible and convenient for the Muslims, Saudi Arabia has introduced the eVisa. Citizens of almost 49 countries can perform an Umrah if they have this tourist eVisa. Luckily, the UK is one of those countries. So, if you are a UK citizen, it is the perfect opportunity for you to skip the extensive Umrah visa application process and get a tourist eVisa. It is much more convenient and doesn’t require any complicated application process.

Many pilgrims have started availing of this visa because of the convenience of the eVisa application process. Even though you might not get exclusive pilgrimage perks with this visa, it is still the easiest and most accessible option for every Muslim who is a citizen of specific countries. 

How can You Apply for an Umrah Visa?

If you want to do it the typical way and get an Umrah visa instead of an eVisa, don’t worry; we have got you covered. Here are step-by-step instructions for you that will be helpful for you. 

  1. Contact a Reliable Umrah Travel Agency

Now that you have decided when to go for an Umrah, you must find and contact a reliable local Umrah travel agency. The travel agency that you are choosing must be licensed and approved. They will help you throughout your Umrah visa application process and will tell you about all the requirements. 

Moreover, you can even avail of the Umrah packages 2024 from your agency, which has all the standard services. Travel agencies offer these packages to facilitate pilgrims who want a clear mind while preparing for and performing their spiritual journey. You can choose the ideal Umrah package that will best suit your budget. Umrah visa is also included in these packages as it is one of the primary things for Umrah. 

  1. Get All Your Legal Documents in Place

Once you have contacted a travel agency, they will tell you the documents you need to apply for an Umrah visa. You must ensure that all your required documents are valid and ready. After you have collected all these documents, the only thing that you will have to do is send them to your travel agents. They will handle the rest of the Umrah visa application process for you.

  1. Ensure to Register on the Umrah Apps

Saudi Arabia has taken great help from technology to facilitate the pilgrims. They have introduced apps that all pilgrims must register on. The goal of these apps is to help the pilgrims throughout their Umrah journey and ensure that they have the smoothest and most memorable spiritual journey. Two apps you must register on include the Tawakkalna and Nusuk apps. Both apps work in the Kingdom only and are explicitly made to assist you in your journey. 

Summing Up

If you are going for an Umrah for the first time, you must be curious about how to apply for Umrah visa from UK to perform the pilgrimage. Our comprehensive guide will help you during your Umrah visa application process. Make sure that you consider your visa options as a UK citizen so that you can make the right decision. Don’t miss out on experiencing Saudi Arabia’s rich culture while applying for your Umrah visa. There’s so much to see and discover from bustling markets to ancient landmarks and beautiful landscapes.


  1. What documents will I need for an Umrah visa?

The legal documents that you will need to apply for an Umrah visa include;

  • A valid passport
  • Application form for the visa
  • Recent passport-size photograph
  • Health or travel insurance
  • Proof of non-refundable flight tickets 
  • Evidence of the relationship between male and female applicants
  • A valid Meningitis vaccination proof
  1. How much time does it take to process an Umrah visa?

Even though the Umrah visa processing time can vary depending on your region, it usually takes around five to ten days to process your Umrah visa.

  1. What is the electronic visa processing time?

Electronic visa is declared the most convenient visa type for some reason. It only takes 24 to 48 hours to process, which enables you to embark on your spiritual journey as soon as possible. 

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