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September 29, 2023

Being a parent for the first time can be a nerve-wracking time. You often think you know what you are doing… almost. But then the reality hits – and as wonderful as every moment is, they can be tough, too. 

Giving birth is amazing, but it is also exhausting, and then it is straight into it. If you are lucky, your little one will also have a day or two to rest. But it can feel like you have been awake for years for most people. 

And while most people give gifts for the new baby – and they are wonderful for doing that, sometimes the parent could do with a little gift. For people who have children already, you have a better sense of what will be used and appreciated, and more importantly – things that can help parents through the first few months. 

Back Massager

After carrying a baby around for almost ten months and then the hard task of birth, the lower back can take more than a little bit of a beating. Then, sitting and feeding, or standing and rocking, and sleeping in strange positions causes more havoc. 

Most new parents will not be able to go out and get a massage; they just will not want to leave their little one just yet. The solution? A portable back massager and the best thing about it is that it will last a really long time. 

Meal Delivery

Perhaps the new parents have already been cooking and stocked the freezer with quick things to grab, or they have friends and family who have been bringing round meals. In which case, they most likely will not need this one. But, for those who are trying to cook meals every evening – or have skipped cooking and swapped for sandwiches and snacks a meal delivery subscription can help. 

Make sure all the meals take 15 minutes or less to cook and have plenty of vegetables and good carbs to keep their energy up. 

Alternatively, snack boxes like Love With Food or Naturebox will stock them up with healthy snacks. 

Diaper Bag

What is cooler than a regular diaper bag? Monogrammed diaper bags. A diaper bag becomes the bag that has to hold everything from diapers and bottles to wallets, spare socks, and snacks. Getting a cool one with multiple pockets in a cool design with the initials of the new baby on it is a great gift. 

Not to mention that if you choose a rucksack option, it can be used as they grow up, too. 

Mini Photo Printer

In the age of the smartphone, we spend a lot of time taking beautiful photos and then never seeing them again. They get lost in the thousands of other photos we take. A mini photo printer means you can print them out there and then add them into baby books – or send them to people who do not have a smartphone! 

The best thing about it is if you opt for something like the Canon IVY, you do not need ink, and the refills are not expensive either. 

Shower Steamers

Not everyone has time for a bath, and that can mean new parents missing the smell of a gorgeous bubble bath and a warm soak. However, a shower steamer pod releases the soothing scent of essential oils as you have a quick shower, and since most showers are not long in the early days – they will last for a few. 

The shower steamer goes in the corner of the shower, with the idea of it not getting too wet. It releases the essential oils as it fizzes and smells great. So not only will you smell great and feel relaxed, but your bathroom will too. 


When babies are stuffy, they cannot sleep well, and when babies do not sleep, nor do the parents. Babies can get stuffy noses from the cold or if the air is dry – so a humidifier can solve that problem. There are some child-friendly ones on the market that you can add some menthol drops in for added comfort. 

The Vicks Starry Night has an extra cool feature that projects a soothing starry nightscape onto the ceiling – something that everyone can relax to and enjoy. 


Being comfortable is a must, and there are some beautiful co-ord loungewear sets that look great for going out or for relaxing at home. Often, after giving birth, women have a higher temperature and sweat a lot, so make sure you opt for something soft and breathable! 

You might want to give something a little extra and personlize it; here are some great options: Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Family

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