What You Should Know About Owning A Pony

October 9, 2023

Every animal lover at some point in their life has fantasized about owning a pet. To groom and bond with a pet is a special experience. One such animal dreamt of as a pet by many is the pony. These lovely beings have been tamed through evolution to now become a popular choice as pets, particularly among children.

Although the pony is shorter in height and has a thicker body, it is sometimes confused as a horse. Regardless, an equine companion can be one of life’s most incredible gifts. However, as with any other pet, if you are considering owning a pony, there are a few things you must know.

1. It Is Going To Be Long-Term:

The average lifespan for a pony is 25 to 30 years. So, if you are planning on getting one, know that it is going to be a long-term commitment. Raising can be a challenging task, even when it comes to your child. Raising a pet pony will have its own set of challenges that will require you to invest both time and effort over a considerably long period. They are high-maintenance animals and will require love and care at every step. It is important to note that ponies come in all sizes, with different personality aspects. Some are great to ride; others excel at herding.

Choose the one that best suits your needs. Research well before taking the step. All of this will go into making the best decision when buying a pony. Once you go through the buying process, both patience and mental preparation will be key.

2. Health Is Vital:

Owning a pet is like raising a child. They depend on you to ensure they stay in the best of health. Owning a pony entails frequent visits to the veterinarian. Hoofing and dental maintenance are two other aspects where medical attention is necessary. Regular vaccinations and deworming schedules are also important. Neglecting these can cause a buildup of potentially harmful diseases. The hooves are parts of the pony that need to be trimmed now and then to avoid both discomfort and fungal buildup. This job is done by a Farrier, a rare professional skill which goes at high rates.

You need to actively seek advice from a veterinarian experienced in equine health so that your pony can always feel optimum health-wise. Other activities like combing, washing the tail, and brushing their hair are also included in the healthcare routine.

Furthermore, utilizing appropriate equipment such as saddle pads is important for safeguarding the pony’s back from potential harm. Saddle pads, available in various materials and designs, offer cushioning and support, helping distribute the rider’s weight evenly and preventing friction or pressure points that could lead to discomfort or injury. Investing in high-quality saddle pads ensures the pony’s well-being and enhances the riding experience for both the rider and the equine partner.

3. Keep Those Pockets Ready:

It can be expensive to keep any pet in 2023, let alone a 300–800-pound hay munching pony. Even the upfront cost to buy a pony can be more than 1000 dollars. Providing ample land for the pony can also be costly if you don’t have spare space.

Then comes the need to feed them and provide for their health care. Hay and other nutritional foods have to be bought almost every day, and veterinary services are to be provided once a year. The feed should be made in consultation with a specialist because ponies are unique in terms of dietary requirements. Deworming, done once or twice a year, is another toll on your pocket. Farrier services don’t come cheap, either. Additionally, you can never predict an emergency health condition that shows up. This is why a high bill is attached to keeping a pony, and it is one you should be financially prepared for.

4. Keeping Them Active And Social:

Ponies and horses are very active animals, and regular activity is essential to keep them physically and mentally fit. They require a large land area to walk, run, and graze. You need to ensure that they have sufficient area available for this, plus a stable or sheltered space to protect them from weather fluctuations. Keeping them in confined spaces will be averse to their hygiene and will cause parasite buildup in their hoofs and internal organs. Another aspect that mentally affects them is loneliness and being kept alone.

Ponies are social beings and need others of their kind around them to feel good. So, make sure you know of other pony owners around town and the local pony owner community. You can also decide to keep more than one if you eventually decide to buy them. Buying a pony also has a legal side attached to it. Make sure to get the required licenses and vaccination records so that you face no trouble with the law when housing them.

5. Grooming And Bonding:

Another overlooked yet important aspect of pony ownership is grooming. Your Pony’s condition should be a testament to you as an owner. A beautiful and clean pony means a responsible and loving owner. It is important to learn about pony body language to better understand their mood. Understand its mood, and you’re halfway when it comes to safe interaction with your Pony. Young children and inexperienced people should be taught pony body language classes to help interaction.

It is also of significance to keep your Pony well-trained and obedient to your command. There needs to be some sort of emotional connection that you always feel when you’re with your pet pony. This will help develop a meaningful bond with your Pony. The stronger the bond, the more rewarding the experience will be for both you and your equine buddy. However, all of this will be earned through proper attention.


Riding, grooming, or being together, owning a pony can be a remarkable experience. However, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. They require intense care and attention for a long time. You will need to put in the hours and the bucks. Only then will the love and adoration shown by you be reciprocated by the pony. It will feel physically and mentally at peak level, and that is what you want as the owner. Knowing all the above-mentioned points will provide a ground map of what to expect and prepare for when you transition your pony enthusiasm into ownership. Your efforts and time invested in the pony will see rewards when this majestic four-legged friend makes time spent together memorable. 

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