Is a Hybrid Mattress Good for Couples?

October 12, 2023

When shopping for a new mattress as a couple, you need one with the right blend of comfort, support, and motion isolation so you can both sleep soundly. 

Hybrid mattresses, which combine foam and pocket springs, are popular for couples because they offer an ideal balance of these critical factors.

What is a hybrid mattress?

A hybrid mattress contains 2 or more layers of different mattress materials. Most commonly, hybrids pair a support core of pocketed coils with comfort layers of memory foam, polyfoam or latex foam (a bouncier alternative to memory foam).

The pocket springs/coils provide structure, bounce, and airflow while the foam conforms closely to relieve pressure points. These materials provide a “best of both worlds” experience, isolating motion well so you don’t feel your partner’s every toss and turn.

The foam cushions areas like your shoulders, hips, and lower back. The result is a mattress that cushions yet also lifts and correctly aligns the spine.

Pictured: Sleepeezee G4 Memory 4FT 6 Double Mattress. Available from Bedstar. The Online Bed Superstore.

Edge support for sharing

Stellar edge support is one of the most essential hybrid mattress benefits for couples. You might roll off the side in beds without strong edges, especially if your partner is a mattress hog and you get pushed to the edge.

With a quality hybrid mattress, the reinforced coil perimeter keeps edges from sagging, so you can use the whole mattress surface.

Most hybrids also resist the “roll-together” effect that plagues some all-foam beds – where the mattress dips in the middle, making you roll together. The structure of the coils keeps you from ending up in the middle.

Finding the right firmness level   

Finding an agreeable firmness level is critical when two people share a mattress. Hybrids offer various firmness options to suit different preferences and body types.

Generally, medium to medium-firm hybrids with firmness ratings from 5-7 on the 10-point scale are ideal for couples. This provides a balance of contouring and support for most sleepers under 230 pounds. Heavier couples often prefer a firmer hybrid around 7-8.

Lighter people under 150 pounds frequently favour softer hybrid mattresses between 3-5, with a softer mattress preventing added pressure points from the coils. However, very soft hybrids may lack needed support.

Compromise is part of sharing a mattress. But with hybrids available in multiple firmness configurations, most couples can find a model that makes them both comfortable.

For most couples, a medium or medium-firm mattress is best.

Pictured: Couple looking to buy a bed instore.

Hybrid mattresses for motion isolation

Hybrid mattresses do an excellent job minimising motion transfer between sleepers, although this also depends on the mattress’s thickness and support layers. A thicker, more substantial mattress will isolate motion better.

In mattresses with interconnected coils, movement can ripple across the entire bed. But with individually wrapped coils, any motion is confined to a small area. Foam comfort layers provide further motion isolation.

Our experience is that hybrid mattresses reduce motion transfer by around 65% compared to innerspring beds. For light sleepers with restless partners, this can make a real difference in uninterrupted rest and improve sleep quality.

Are hybrid mattresses the best option for couples?

Hybrid mattresses provide an ideal compromise for partners with different comfort needs and sleep styles. The combination of resilient coils and cradling foam offers pressure relief, ease of movement and edge-to-edge support at an affordable price.
Pictured: Sleepeezee Jessica Support 5FT King size Mattress. 

The Sleepeezee Jessica offers 1,800 pocket springs for support, 3cm of memory foam, 6cm of Stay cool gel and 3cm of soft foam, one of the best hybrid experiences. It’s a top choice for side and back sleepers.

With hybrids available in various feels and features like cooling gels and pillow tops, chances are high that couples can find their perfect match. Add hybrids to your must-try list if you and your partner have trouble agreeing on a new mattress. Their versatile performance makes them one of the top-rated mattress styles for couples.

Another option is a pocket spring mattress, different to a hybrid in that it has a more robust spring system for more bounce and edge support. If mobility is critical, a pocket spring mattress might be a better fit than a hybrid mattress.  try one of 100 best date night ideas for couples

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