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October 13, 2023

For many, Turkey is a classic resort, combining picturesque landscapes and the benefits of all-inclusive offerings. Many tourists come here precisely for this reason — to thoroughly enjoy their stay in such a sunny and warm country, to relax on the beach and by the pool, to taste the famous dishes of local cuisine, and to discover new forms of aquatic entertainment. In Turkey, all opportunities for this are open. The Eastern atmosphere intertwines with modernity here, and nature is enchanting.

The true natural treasures are undoubtedly the magnificent beaches, where the blue sky, golden sand, and turquoise waters merge harmoniously. Those who enjoy a peaceful holiday will find their inspiration and tranquillity here, while adventure seekers will undoubtedly be thrilled by the available activity options. How to find the perfect location for relaxation in Turkey will be further explained. 

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

On one side, Iztuzu Beach is washed by the luxurious Mediterranean Sea, and on the other, by the River Dalyan. Such a location gives rise to incredible views that unfold for travellers here. The beach is also known as the Turtle Beach, as it provides a sanctuary and nesting grounds for Loggerhead sea turtles, which are listed in the Red Book, during their breeding season.

  • What to do?

Spending a day at Iztuzu can be approached in various ways: basking on the soft sand, engrossed in a book, or renting a kayak and embarking on an exciting journey along the river. Additionally, all amenities for a comfortable retreat are available here: restaurants, cafes, small shops, and hotels. For those seeking novel experiences, it is recommended to join turtle spotting activities or take a stroll amidst the ruins of the ancient city of Kaunos, where tombs of Lycian kings from the 4th century BC are preserved.

Kleopatra Beach, Alanya

Kleopatra Beach, stretching for two kilometres, is an excellent relaxation spot. The gradual entry into the sea contributes to a comfortable bathing experience, making it an attractive destination for family leisure. The history of this place is shrouded in mysteries: it is believed that the beach was a gift from Mark Antony to Cleopatra. For this reason, significant events often take place on the beach: weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and various celebrations.

  • What to do?

The arena for aquatic adventures offers numerous options: from catamarans gently gliding on the waves to exhilarating banana boat rides and parasailing. Tranquil relaxation will also be quite fitting: laying a blanket on the sand, one can bask in the gentle rays of the setting sun and restore one’s energy.

Kaputaş Beach, Kaş

Hidden in a gorge between towering mountains, the Kaputaş Beach in Kaş undoubtedly merits attention. The turquoise hue of the sea water, the yellow-white sand, and the surrounding landscape render it one of the most beautiful and distinctive beaches in Turkey. Positioned in the locale between the towns of Kas and Kalkan, the beach has remained relatively untouched by mass tourism, promising genuine seclusion to all who desire it.

  • What to do?

In this place, there are not many people and noises, only tranquillity and contact with nature. Accordingly, there are few ways to entertain oneself here. This is the ideal place for a calm vacation, to find refuge from the hustle and bustle, and to undergo mental restoration.

Blue Lagoon, Oludeniz

The Blue Lagoon in Oludeniz is nestled cosily on the shores of a tranquil bay. Its name literally translates as “dead sea,” embodying the serenity of this unique place. The mountains encircling this corner provide an impenetrable shield against the winds, and the close connection between the bay and the sea creates a special channel where even stormy waves transform into gentle ripples. That is why engaging in water activities here is pleasant and entirely secure. The comfortable water temperature persists until November, allowing ample time to visit this spot.

  • What to do?

The first item on the list is an unforgettable paragliding experience. From the 1960m high Babadag Mountain, paragliders take off. Hovering 1.5 kilometres above ground, you will witness an impressive panorama: the azure waters of the lagoon, the distant island of Rhodes, and mighty cliffs. For novice adventurers, there is also the option of tandem flights. Ascending to the mountaintop takes just 45 minutes and costs around $10-15, while the flight itself amounts to approximately $50.

İçmeler Beach, Marmaris

Harmoniously nestled within the surrounding natural beauty, the beach presents a luxurious location for relaxation on the city’s namesake coastline, in the immediate vicinity of the renowned resort of Marmaris. The spot is just an hour’s stroll away and primarily appeals to family couples with young children, the elderly, and those desiring seclusion. The beach is gracefully framed by mountain peaks in the background, immersed in the greenery of trees.

  • What to do?

50 km from the beach lies the island of Rhodes — a ferry operates there, making it a rather interesting opportunity for a trip. Diving is also popular here: one can explore the underwater world with its octopuses, lobsters, and even turtles. This place is suitable for all who wish to unwind in nature and relish the sea.

Çıralı Beach, Kemer

Çıralı Beach, situated near the quaint village, is a small corner of the northwestern coast, just 85 kilometres away from Antalya. The length of the beach is 3 kilometres, so everyone will find something of their own on its premises: both tranquil relaxation and the thrill of beachside activities. Thanks to its nature reserve status, the beach is well-maintained and in a pristine condition. The land is covered with pebbles, and the gentle entry into the water is convenient for swimming with children.

  • What to do?

Here, tranquillity and active leisure harmoniously intertwine. Surfing and diving are just a small part of the various entertainments that await guests of Chirali Beach. Renting a boat or a bicycle could be a great idea to explore the location from your own perspective. Nearby the beach, there are cosy cafes and restaurants where one can stop by for dinner or a snack. 

Patara Beach, Patara

The dimensions of the beach are the first thing that mesmerises tourists. Its length measures 18 kilometres, while its width reaches 1 kilometre in some places. The shore is sandy and clean, making barefoot strolls particularly enjoyable. The place captivates with its authenticity and tranquillity: abundant amusements are not to be found here, yet it is an excellent spot to find solace. The infrastructure is limited to cafes, restrooms, and the rental of beach equipment.

  • What to do?

For surfing enthusiasts, this is the perfect location to test their skills on the high waves. Apart from this, one can embark on a quest to find the resident turtles or explore the remnants of ancient cities and temples right within the coastal zone. During sunset, it is worthwhile to arrange a picnic — the views will be enchanting.

Ilıca Beach, Çeşme

The Ilıca Beach is an attribute of active and family recreation in Turkey. This marvellous sandy beach, stretching in the cosy town of Çeşme, entices with its beauty and pleasant atmosphere. The sandbar, extending for nearly 100 metres, creates a safe space for children’s amusements.

  • What to do?

The water here is crystal clear, which attracts divers and surfers. Due to the shallow water, it is easy to explore new types of water sports while feeling secure. Families often relax on the beach, so you can play volleyball, football, and tennis. 

Çalış Beach, Fethiye

Çalış Beach, located near the town of Fethiye, is a true embodiment of purity and comfort. Regarded as one of the cleanest beaches in Turkey, it captures the hearts of holidaymakers with its harmonious atmosphere and convenience. There are no harbours here, resulting in the water remaining absolutely pure, promising a pleasant immersion and bathing experience for tourists.

  • What to do?

In this place, you will feel fully prepared for a cosy pastime: sunbeds and umbrellas are available for rent, friendly bars and cafes delight with culinary variety, and comfortable canopies provide shade for long hours of relaxation by the shore. It is especially worth noting the opportunity to rent yachts and catamarans — an excellent way to experience the freedom of the sea and learn more about its depths.

Konyaaltı Beach, Antalya

With a length of about eight kilometres, this beach combines three different aspects: a rocky coastline, imposing mountains around, and an extensive green area of Konakli Park. Such a stunning combination creates unique impressions for contemplation. Beyond the park lies a palm-lined promenade, places for relaxation, children’s and basketball courts, cafes, and restaurants. It is a great way to pass the time after swimming.

  • What to do?

To begin with, it is worth visiting the “Waterhill” water park – a family outing there will wonderfully diversify your leisure time. Among the attractions there, you can find slides and sea animal shows, an aquarium, a terrarium, a snow zone, a wax figure museum, and a cinema. Another location is the “Aktur” amusement park with Turkey’s largest Ferris wheel. The best views are offered right from there.

Each beach in Turkey has its own uniqueness. Vast sandy stretches, secluded coves, picturesque harbours can create an atmosphere suitable for your favourite type of leisure, whether it is active adventures or serene relaxation. 

How to find the time to visit all the beaches in Turkey

The beaches in Turkey are splendid in various ways. No two similar places can be found in terms of atmosphere, entertainment, and landscapes. Staying at each of them leaves a vivid imprint in memory, thus definitely worth seeing as many places as possible. How to accomplish this without unnecessary hassle and expenses will be elaborated in the following recommendations.

  1. Plan Your Itinerary

First and foremost, decide on the regions to visit. Turkey is diverse, and every part of it holds delightful locations. Create an itinerary that enables you to move efficiently between different places while minimising time expenditures.

  1. Opt For Car Rental

Car rental in Turkey is the key to mobility. This is not only convenient but also cost-effective, particularly when travelling in a group. Discover captivating sites and hidden beaches that might remain inaccessible via public transport. Cars in Turkey can be rented on the website of LocalCarRents.

  1. Compile A List Of Essential Items

Do not forget to bring along all necessities for beach leisure: a first aid kit, sunscreen, beach towel, hat, and sunglasses. If there are no provisions for snacks at the beach, carry food and beverages. This will allow you to enjoy your time at the beach in the best possible manner.

  1. Choose The Appropriate Time To Visit

Summer is the most popular time for visiting Turkey’s beaches, but consider that during this period, many places can be crowded with tourists. Early spring and late autumn are also excellent for beach relaxation: fewer crowds and the weather remains comfortable.

  1. Explore Hidden Locations

In addition to well-known tourist spots, Turkey has much to offer to those seeking authentic places. The search process might take some time, but the outcome will certainly not disappoint: superb vantage points, cosy harbours, and legendary historical sites will add depth to your journey.

  1. Respect The Environment

Visiting beaches entails responsibility for their preservation. Make sure you maintain cleanliness and leave the beach as you found it. Treat the environment with respect so that future generations can also witness the beauty of Turkey’s beaches.

Traversing Turkey’s beaches is an incredible opportunity to discover numerous unique places, memories of which will last a lifetime. By adhering to aspects of planning, mobility, and nature conservation, you will make your journey exponentially more productive and enriching.

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