Facts And Myths About Shapewear : The Ultimate Guide To Women’s Body Shapers For Tummy Control 

October 16, 2023

Shapewear has been used for a long time, even in the early centuries, it was called “corset” in the past and usually a must-have for every women. Fast-forward to the present, it has been modified to different styles, fabrics, sizes and colors but the function remains the same, to showcase the shape of the body and form an almost perfect body contour. 

Nowadays, not only Hollywood stars wear shapewear, but mostly everyone who needs that full support and contour for the body. 

Many women take for granted their body when they are busy with work, chores and life but eventually, there will come a time that you should step up and learn to balance work and taking care of yourself above anything else. Looking good can help you boost your confidence and at the same time it can make you feel accomplished in other areas of your life. Now, how do you know if shapewears really work? You need to check out which one can really serve its purpose and which will not help you at all. 

If you are still wondering whether you will buy a shapewear or not, check out these myth and fact list about using a shapewear. 


Wearing shapewear may seem like you look slender or lean, but it does not miraculously make you lose weight once you used it or even for a long period of time. While others claim to make you fit, it will just push you to lose weight and trim down while you are using it. 


Aside from contouring benefits, shapewear helps you improve your posture, it supports your back, spine, joint and reduces strain. The best posture makes you feel and look confident always. 

Since most women nowadays are wearing shapewear, you can easily find the best shapewear for tummy and waist

This breathable fabric, fit and components designed for everyday wear, making them easy to put on and so comfortable you might not want to take it off! The corset is fitted with steel bones which will enhance your figure and reduce your natural waist size and help create the perfect hourglass silhouette.


• Helps you in achieving an hourglass figure.

• Aids in fixing your posture.

• Contour your waist.

• Brings your ribs closer and prevents them from expanding.

• Can be used to exercise.


• 15 steel bones.

• Front zipper & 3 rows of hooks inside.

• Double compression.


Shapewear is not used to torture your body to achieve that perfect waistline nor is it a tool that will hinder the process of your body parts specifically blood flow or bone growth. The truth is, shapewear helps blood circulation especially if it made with breathable material. Usually, the straps are now more easier to unhook and you should always buy the right size for your body type.


Shapewear can definitely boost your confidence because it smoothens the lumps in your body, it showcases a curvier waist, achieving that hourglass shape. It provides a compression, resulting in a more presentable body. It shapes your back, abdomen and thighs to achieve that sexy look.

Curvy waist trainer is a big help when it comes to finding the perfect shapewear to showcase your waist, thus boosting your confidence to a higher level even if you are just casually going out, or going to a special occasion or working out.

When you wear Double Waist Belts Workout Sport Vest during exercise, the compression stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape. It can help shape your upper body curve and instantly reduce your waist circumference by more than 3 inches.

It also has elastic fabric that is breathable, hygroscopic, very comfortable to wear. This waist trainer corset is very suitable for all day wear, easy and comfortable to get an hourglass figure.

The vest style design can effectively tighten the fat on the back and waist and prevent fat accumulation. The U-shaped chest design can lift the breasts, effectively control the loose fat under the armpits, and make your breasts more upright and charming.


There are indeed a lot of plus size women who uses shapewear but there are also a lot of non-plus size women who uses it. Shapewear enhances the body parts that we need to smoothen out thus it promotes body positivity for all sizes of body. It does not stop there because it also provides comfort and support for our daily activities. Shapewear is also for those who needs a boost for their body like their lower part or higher part of the body and it also gives the proper posture not only for plus size women but to different body types making you walk more gracefully and without any body aches come night time. Posture helps a lot in our daily activities which is why this is definitely for all shapes and sizes.

More often, we always feel that what others wear can somehow bebefit us as well or it can help us look good too, this happens for most people but sometimes it does not so make sure to check out what the best shapewear would fit you and you can always mix and match your wardrobe so that you can manage what to wear in different ocassions using shapewear. Make sure that your comfort is the top priority aside from making you look good in front of others because what others think of you does not matter if you do not feel good about yourself first.

These are some of the myths and facts about wearing a shapewear. Hope this helps in providing the right information when you buy that perfect shapewear just in time for the holiday season, because this season, it is time to have memorable experiences without worrying about how you will look because shapewear is doing its best while you are having fun.

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