Make Monthsary Celebration Extra Special With a Gift Box

January 9, 2024

A ‘monthsary’ celebration is a monthly remembrance of a relationship. This is often celebrated on the same day of each month. Couples mark this occasion by expressing love and exchanging gifts. These mostly are small presents to celebrate another milestone in their relationship.

A monthsary gift box is a trend. You can give one that is inspired by lunar cultural traditions. This is a unique and thorough way of celebrating your monthsary. Incorporating items that observe lunar-based tradition is not that complicated. Here’s a quick guide on what you need to ensure you followCultural Tradition Combined with Creative Monthsary Gift Boxes

Lunar Calendar

The gift box should have a lunar calendar that shows the different phases of the moon for each month. This will correspond to the cultural significance of lunar cycles which is important in different traditions. The lunar calendar provides details about the customs and traditions that are connected to every lunar phase.

Mooncakes or Sweet Lunar Treats

 Add mooncakes or other sweet treats with a lunar theme. During lunar celebrations, mooncakes are traditionally consumed in many countries. You can choose from a range of mooncake flavors and sweet treats to add to your gift box.

Celestial-themed Jewelry

 Include jewelry with a celestial design. You can give earrings or a necklace pendant that is shaped like a moon or star. These wearable mementos are great for a monthsary celebration while keeping it aligned with the lunar theme.

Lunar-Inspired Scents

 Choose a scent that is frequently connected to lunar cultural customs. Many choose lotus, sandalwood or jasmine scents. You can give a candle or perfume in addition to your gift box. You can add a note with a short explanation of the selected fragrance and its cultural importance.

Moonstone or Lunar Crystal

 Add a moonstone or any other lunar-related jewel to your giftbox. Moonstones are believed to have a positive effect on a person’s emotional wellbeing. It also offers good fortune according to the beliefs of many cultures.

Lunar Book, Poetry, or Literature

 You can also add a book of lunar poetry or literary works of distinguished authors. This is a great addition to your gift box if the recipient loves reading books or poetry. You can include a note explaining the cultural background and significance of the book or literature that you chose to add in your gift box.

Lunar Ritual Items

 Any lunar ritual items are great to include in your gift box. For example, if you are feeling generous, you can add red envelopes or “hongbao” in line with the Chinese customs and traditions.

There are so many things that you can add to your cultural tradition-inspired monthsary gift box. For sure by now you already know what your loved one likes. So it is easier to find items for your gift box that they would appreciate. A monthsary is a great time to celebrate and commemorate another monthly milestone that you achieved. So make sure that your gift box is extra special.

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