How to Grow Your Hair Out, an interview with Hair Expert Mr. Jawed Habib

February 27, 2024

Q1: Why hasn’t anything I’ve tried worked to grow my hair out?


Mr. Jawed Habib: None of those things actually grow your hair out; they’re just trends that people are trying to get you to spend money on.


Q2: What’s the key to growing long hair?


Mr. Jawed Habib: Understanding the growth cycle of your hair is crucial. The antigen phase, where hair grows, varies in length for each person.


Q3: Why does the length of the antigen phase matter?


  1. JAWED HABIB: The longer the antigen phase, the more time your hair has to grow long before it falls out during the telogen phase.


 Q4: What mistake during the antigen phase could be costing me length?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Mistakes during this phase, like damaging your hair with bleach and not having a proper hair routine, can lead to breakage and stunted growth.


 Q5: Why do frequent trims not work for growing out hair?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Trims don’t prevent breakage, which is essential for retaining length. Cutting hair does not makes it grow faster. Instead, focus on strengthening your hair.


 Q6: What products or service can help strengthen hair and also promote hair growth?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Using a weekly hair mask, hair oil for ends, and leave-in conditioner can strengthen and protect your hair, preventing breakage. You can check our Jawed Habib Lucknow Salon for my recommended products and services. 


 Q7: How does leave-in conditioner differ from regular conditioner?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Leave-in conditioner adds structural integrity to the hair. Maintains moisture throughout the day. Unlike regular conditioner, which washes out easily.


 Q8: Any Good time, Like When should I use leave-in conditioner?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Apply leave-in conditioner on damp hair after washing, before styling. It serves as a base product to keep your hair hydrated and healthy, it’s that simple.


 Q9: Will following this routine make my hair instantly long?


  1. JAWED HABIB: While your hair won’t grow long overnight, this routine will make it healthier and shinier from the start, with continued use leading to longer, stronger hair.


 Q10: Where can I find recommended products for my hair type?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Check out our Jawed Habib Lucknow Hazratganj brand for recommended products. Feel free to order them online if you are away from Lucknow. Or you may call Jawed Habib Lucknow at 9598008800.


 Q11: How can one prevent damage to their hair during the growth process?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Avoiding heat styling for the first two weeks for sure and using a heat protectant afterward can help definitely prevent damage. Additionally, focusing on protecting the ends of your hair with oil and maintaining overall hydration with leave-in conditioner can minimize damage.


 Q12: Is there a specific technique for applying hair oil to the ends?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Yes, when applying hair oil, focus primarily on the ends of your hair. They are the oldest and weakest part. Gently massage the oil into the ends to lock and protect them from dryness and breakage also.


 Q13: Can I still style my hair while following your popular routine?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Defiantly Yes, you can continue to style your hair as usual, but then again, it’s essential to use heat protectant. Give your hair some time to rest between heat styling sessions so that to minimize damage and maintain overall hair health.


 Q14: Mr. Habib are there any dietary, lifestyle changes that can help in hair growth?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Eating a good and balanced diet, rich in vitamins and minerals, staying hydrated, managing stress levels, and avoiding excessive heat, chemical treatments can support healthy hair growth in general.


 Q15: How often shall someone wash their hair when trying to grow it out?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Washing your hair every 2 to 3 days in a week can help maintain natural oils and prevent dryness. But it ultimately depends totally on your hair type and lifestyle.


Q16: Where should people living in Lucknow go for their hair services?


  1. JAWED HABIB: I will tell you this, whenever in doubt visit Jawed Habib Lucknow Salon for Hair and beauty services. Jawed Habib Lucknow follows strict services which are personally designed by me and that’s what makes it best hair salon in Lucknow. This is the only place where you will same get trust you put in me.


Q16: Any final tips for growing out hair successfully?


  1. JAWED HABIB: Focus on strengthening your hair to prevent breakage, follow the routine consistently, and be patient for long-term results. Good luck on your hair growth journey!


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