Importance of the Compound Microscope in 5 Major Fields of Life

September 8, 2020

Whenever we hear the term microscope, our mind starts thinking about the microorganisms. In the modern era, there is a burst of technological advancements, and the compound microscope is also one of them in the field of science.

The latest development and the solutions to the major science issues have become possible due to microscopes. The modern human has better knowledge about human anatomy and the organisms living in the biosphere than ever.

We can see a compound microscope available in the classrooms and labs for the researches, and to discover the hidden world of microorganisms and the cells which are not possible to examine with the naked eye. But the students keep on wandering the usage and the importance of microscope in their academic life.

There are the latest models and types of microscopes available in the market with modern capabilities, so to know the importance of a compound microscope, there is a need to understand it first.

What is a compound microscope?

The compound microscope provides the facility of the different lenses with different t magnification level. This microscope works on the basis of the illuminating light that is acquired through sunlight. This allows the specimen under study or observation to illuminate and to see it clearly under the lens.  The magnification power of the compound microscope is 2000x or more.

The compound microscope is powerful enough to magnify the unicellular objects, such as bacteria, algae, protozoa, and cells. But it becomes less compatible with the objects smaller than a cell, for example, atoms, viruses, electron, etc.

The compound microscope has become important and vital in all the major and important fields of the modern era.

Importance of the compound microscope in the education industry

We can examine the curriculum of the science students is replacing with the latest. One reason is the discovery of new systems and phenomena and obsoleting the old ones. This has happened due to the compound microscope. Moreover, for daily classroom lectures and practical, the compound microscope has become crucial for the in-depth study of the anatomy.

Advancement in the Medical Industry

The compound microscope has made it possible to unleash the structure of human cells and the cell’s organelles that lead to the discovery of DNA. The genes and its formation and many other relevant discoveries have driven the medical industry to prosper than before. Other than humans, the study of microorganisms has also contributed to the formation of new and advanced researches. The scientists discover new diseases, get intense clarifications, invent prevention, and cures, and they are the result of the compound microscope.

Important for the medicines development

The pharmaceutical companies know very well the significance of the compound microscope. It helps scientists to understand the types of infection and the formation of unique and result oriented medicines. Through continuous experiments and proper testing, they become able to generate vaccines and medicine.

Diagnosis of the diseases

The compound microscope is used in the hospital laboratories to diagnose the diseases of the patients. They discover the type of virus, bacteria, or any other microorganism that is causing the infection so the doctor can prescribe the suitable medicine for its cure.

Importance of compound microscope in criminology

The need and relevancy of a compound microscope have been increased with the crime department over time. Many of the cases are detected and get solved by studying the suspects’ cells. Their cells are taken as a sample and then study under the compound microscope by the experts in the forensic laboratories. The results help to get a clue or fully solve the case. This technique was not available in the past decades, and many of the criminal cases remained unsolved in the absence of a compound microscope.

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