Hiring the Right Loft Conversion Contractor

September 8, 2020

Hiring the right loft conversion contractor is essential, especially when considering a project of this scale.  This article by Warton Woodworks, tells you the key things you should know before committing to any loft conversion contractor.

Loft conversions come in handy when there is a need for more space in the home.  To others, a loft conversion can mean that an additional 20% they may get, when selling after a loft conversion.

Below are our top 5 tips you should consider when looking for a loft conversion contractor.

  1. Go by Word of Mouth Recommendations

The first and best way to find a trusted and qualified loft conversion contractor is through recommendations from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and family members.

Since these are people who are very close to you, they will be kind enough to guide you to the right loft conversion contractor based on their personal experience with such a contractor.


  1. Search for Local Loft Conversion Contractors Online

Another way to have the best hands to work with is through your personal research online.

Once you’ve spotted one or two loft conversion contractors within your local area, you can arrange to see them in person.

Then you can ask for samples or photographs to their previous loft conversion projects.

For a reputable loft conversion contractor with an outstanding record of excellence in the trade, they should be glad to hand you some as well as give you their client’s contacts so that you can check out their job at your most convenient time.

  1. Hire a Qualified Company

You will get many companies claiming they can convert your loft space.  But how do you know the company can deliver such a project?  You should not just choose a company because they provided the cheapest quote.  You really do need to pick a company that will deliver excellent results, within the budget and timescale they promised.  It can be very difficult to decide, but you may need to take into account many factors.  You would need to review each companies’ qualifications, past work, and online reputation.  Any questions you have are best-asked face to face or via phone.  This is because it is easy for companies to lie via email, as they have more time to respond.

With a qualified loft conversion contraction by your side, the loft conversion process should be a smooth one.  Rather than an unpredictable and chaotic one.

  1. Read through the Quote Carefully!

Go through every loft conversion quote you receive with a fine-toothed comb.  This is so important because the quote should tell you exactly what you are getting for your money.  This type of project is big, usually involving many different types of trades.  It is therefore easy for the building company to overlook things.  Attention to detail is critical when it comes to loft conversions.  The quote should be clearly laid out so you know what type of finish you are getting, such as a plaster finish, or a full finish.  It should also define what that finish really means.  For example, does it include rendering, coving, etc.

  1. Check the companies Insurance Policy

Please don’t forget to check the company’s insurance policy.  Any reputable company carrying out a loft conversion should have public liability insurance.  This means you would be covered in the unlikely event if something goes wrong.

  1. Both Parties should Sign the Quote

Once you have chosen a suitable loft conversion company.  You should both sign and date the quote, which outlines the work to be carried out.  This may be useful in the future in case you have any problems with the company.  As both parties signed the quote, it is evidence you both made an agreement for that work to be carried out, for the price on the quote.  It may help to legally protect you.

The Bottom Line

A loft conversion is one of the best ways to utilize unused space in your home, as well as increase the price tag on a property that is up for sale.

When considering a loft conversion, some important factors to consider include seeking the services of a qualified loft conversion contractor, and ensuring it meets the planning and building regulation requirements.

Choosing the right layout, as well as having a budget that covers both expected expenses and unexpected expenses are other factors to consider as well.

The most reliable method to find qualified loft conversion contractors seems to be via word of mouth recommendations from friends and family members.  But, you should always make your own mind up by doing your own research. 

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