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April 19, 2015

I had a conversation with a friend of mine the other day about her destination wedding at the Bahamas. I asked her what the hardest part of the wedding planning was. Surprisingly, it was not the venue, decorations, or anything like that! It was the grueling process of organizing family and friends to come together for the event. On top of that, the biggest reason why some of the people invited said they could not go was because the financial burden was too much to attend the wedding — locking out people the bride and groom would have enjoyed seeing on their special day.

I am here to tell you these issues do not have to exist anymore. Alex Newman, the founder, and his startup team are building a website and mobile app to make travel accessible for the masses and take the headache out of organizing a group of people to come together: meet Triptive!

Triptive will make traveling financially possible by allowing users to book their airfare and hotel for up to 12 months in advance with easy monthly payments that are automatically paid each month. Gone will be the days of paying for entire trips up front. Each time you make a payment, your trip dashboard will update your trip status. Letting you know you are one step closer!

Now that we have lifted the financial burden off the shoulders of the invited, let us make life simpler for the organizer of the event like my friend. When she books, she can create an event name for her trip and share the event to others with a unique number called the “Triptive #”. Others will use that special number to pull up the trip plans and itinerary, so they will know things like where, when, and for how long the trip will be. The invited users will book their own trips accordingly to take the organizing hardship out of the equation for the planner. When I told her about Triptive, her response was “Why did I not have this for my wedding?”

The idea all started about two years ago when Alex wanted to plan a trip for him and some friends. He recently moved from Anaheim, CA and having just embarked in a new and time consuming career, he found himself revisiting friends and family back home to be more and more unrealistic. Every call home ended with the same old conversation, “…we should get together soon. Maybe all go on a trip and get away for a while…” These plans never materialized and he began to wonder how he could simplify the process of getting his friends and family together in one place to catch up, spend quality time together, while building life-long memories through meaningful shared experiences.

The Triptive team has spent lots of energy trying to make this idea a reality and is almost at the finish line. We just need your help to finish development. We launched a Kickstarter Campaign that will help us launch our startup if we can meet its goal. Please visit the following link and take a look at what Triptive is all about and who we are as a team: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/triptive/travel-in-payments

Any pledge and sharing of our Kickstarter would be greatly appreciated!

A preview to our homepage is here for you as well.

Thank you for your time,

Team Triptive

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