The Best Proven Marketing Strategy for Business by Michael Osland

July 8, 2021

As we know, sales and marketing go hand in hand, and thus, the success of a business is directly proportional to the amount of energy and time one invests in enhancing its marketing strategies. The main function of marketing is to reach and engage with the target market to increase sales. But the question here arises how can one do this? The answer to this lies below:


Magic or strategic Marketing tips by Michael Osland 


  1. No miracle is going to happen


First of all, you have to know there is no magic trick. It’s a simple concept, but here we provide you with the different shades, which you can implement in improving your marketing strategy. 

2.      Facebook Advertising

As we know that nowadays social media is a good option for an advertisement and if we especially talk about Facebook then what’s surprising is that even top researcher like Michael Osland recommends it for small developing business ventures. Without paying a lot, you can easily advertise your product on Facebook and attract millions of interested consumers directly. 

3.      Google My Business

You can also rank your product on Google My Business (GMB). It is a very powerful tool that you can include in your business. Those people who have a local business and their main target are local clients have to try this trick. And they are sure to never regret it.

  1. Organic social media

There has been a time where people prefer direct interaction over digital marketing. But at present, what consumers want instead of the regular phone call is customer support through social media. So, if your business is not on social media and if the user didn’t find it on social media, chances are more that he will switch to a much reliable and top-rated platform listed on social media.

5.      Email Marketing

Being the cornerstone of digital marketing,never neglect an email. When people visit your site, not everyone wants to buy with you at once. So, you have to mention additional info with your contact email. You could also try to impress by offering your visitors for exchange of their email address with a free digital download, a free service trial, or many more.

  1. Direct Mail Marketing

We are on the edge of modernization, and still, we see that neither print media nor direct mailing is dead. This eventually means a great opportunity for small business ventures. All you need to do is to make your mail persuasive and one which forces its viewer to read. Like every other marketing strategy, success only falls to one who is more focused and creative. The same is true for direct mail marketing.


For effective marketing, it requires upgradation with the trends and needs of its audience along with the use of the latest tools, pieces of equipment design so that you can easily connect with your consumer. As said that marketing goes hand in hand with the business.Thus, by simply running campaigns and slogans,the business won’t grow. So, be prepared to invest some of your precious time investing in the marketing field. In the long term would help your business outgrow.






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