How to shop for clothes online

July 8, 2021

Online shopping for clothes is a challenging process. How will you try many sizes? How will you know that the fabric will feel good on your skin? These are some of the hard questions you will ask yourself when you intent to buy the perfect cloth you saw in an online fashion guide. With the advancements in technology, fraud cases are low. It makes the process a little more genuine than before. Here, you will access the best tips to follow to buy clothes online.


Check the measurements


The height of model in the picture is very crucial. Does the model have flat or heels? Knowing this will aid you in getting the exact length of the trouser, skirt, or dress. A skirt above the knees of a model around six feet will fall below your knees if you are shorter. A pair that looks to be calf-length on a model may end up being full length on you for pairing cropped trousers. Be keen when checking clothe hikes.


Watch videos


Is there a TV series with a model putting on the clothes that you admire? Watch the video. You will have an idea of the quality and weight of the fabric when the model walks. The catwalk videos talk more about the cloth used.


Size yourself


Some shopping sites have the “what’s my size” function. The function allows you to enter your weight and height. You will state if you prefer loose or tight clothes. The function then informs you of the right size cloth with dimensions like what you need to buy. You will also get the percentage of the successful sales of this cloth that customers did not return.


Choose classics


The fashion-forward clothes may not have accurate dates when sale shopping. Don’t always go for fashions but rather classics. Tailored trousers, minimal jackets, silk skirts, and light knitwear are perfect. Always remember that items are on sale for a specific reason. In many scenarios, clients bet that certain trends will not be hot when seasons and time change.


Laundry labels


Check for the washing instructions on the website that you are buying the cloth. Some clothes are dry clean alone. You need to pick the washing method you will be able to do.


Selecting the Cloth accessories


How high?


When buying heels online, measure the highest height of your shoes. Don’t buy anything higher than what you use in your daily life. Some heels will look nice on the website, but they won’t be a perfect match for your clothes.




Clothes accessories may seem a sure bet, but it’s always good to check your dimensions. A bag can appear smaller online than in real life. It can also have stiffer leather than you expected. Many cross bags look pretty on screens, but in real life, they might not have space for your purse, phone, and keys.


Bulk buying


Many websites will offer free returns making it cheaper in the end. If you are in the cloth business, you can sign up for notifications to get new releases. Don’t forget to check the websites’ return policy to see if your worries have a solution.


Better returns and deliveries


Some returns and delivery policies are not good at all. Google to see if the branch outlets are near your area for easy returns and deliveries. Google will also provide good websites that have better returns and deliveries.




Online shopping is easy as it will save you travel expenses and time. You only place an order, and you receive your luggage. Be keen not to end up buying cloth that won’t fit you or please you.


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