Vic Di Criscio: Why Do You Need a Co-founder?

July 8, 2021

Starting a business takes a lot of courage, deep thinking, and seriousness. While you may have a brilliant idea to start your company, it can be overwhelming to take this path. Of course, everyone knows entrepreneurship is not easy. But if you have already taken a step in this direction, you cannot move back without giving it an honest try. It is critical for your confidence also. If you feel it would have been easier to do things with someone else by your side, you are not wrong in this. Many successful companies have co-founders because having another partner proves beneficial for several reasons.


When you run the show alone, you tend to trust your decisions more than anybody else’s. As a result, you may not understand where you went wrong. But a partner can become a sounding board and be involved in the critical decisions. The brainstorming sessions with them can help you fix loopholes better. Also, none of you would do anything randomly. You will challenge each other’s ideas whenever necessary. For a startup, this process can be the backbone. You two can see the large picture and remain focused on the goal. If anyone of you gets distracted, the other person can bring the attention back to key points.


As Vic Di Criscio rightly remarks, working on a startup idea is never easy. Initially, you have to play various roles. It becomes a 24X7 game. Even if you are not actively working, your brain can remain occupied. Due to this, you can become too focused on a task and lose sight of other critical things. However, if you have another person for support, you can divide your roles and responsibilities. It can make you both more productive without disrupting your work-life balance.

Complementary skillset

You can be a great marketer, an advertiser, a product guy. But a business involves multiple other fields, such as finance, logistics, tech, and so on. If you get someone who brings complementing set of skills, you can expect to have a smooth run. You can handle departments according to your expertise and assign the others to them based on their talent. At the same time, you don’t work exclusively. Whenever any of you faces a roadblock, you can discuss and find out an alternative. To be precise, it can become one of your company’s strengths and ensure a better workflow.

So, whether you are confident or not about any idea, it doesn’t hurt to find a co-founder. Having someone with the same goals and complementary skills can be a boon for your business. Also, when something goes wrong, you don’t have to depend on external motivation. You both can have each other’s back and take your startup to its peak. However, it doesn’t guarantee the success or failure of a venture. But it makes sure that you don’t back out unless it doesn’t remain an option anymore. Also, you can be more sensible with your choices and decisions because these also involved somebody else’s opinions, which can be as comprehensive and logical as yours.




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