Five Best Ways To Cook Seafood

January 22, 2019

Seafood is very common in the USA and many people love eating seafood quite often, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While some people eat seafood to get the good taste, there are also many people who crave for seafood not just for the taste, but to get better nutrition which they have made the part of their balanced diet. Preparation and cooking of the seafood are much more important than its taste especially when you buy live lobster or salmon. Therefore, it is always good to cook seafood the right way to get the best out of it.

Prefer Slicing over cutting: Cutting of the seafood is significant because there are different ways people cut the seafood, but slicing is still considered among the best ideas. Most of the people love to chop the seafood in small pieces but instead of chopping, if you slice the seafood then it tastes much better.

Avoid deep frying: Many people love to cook seafood with deep frying, but that’s not a fruitful way to prepare the seafood, because deep-frying always cause seafood to lose its important nutrients which adversely affect its taste. It is still good not too deep fry seafood until and unless you have no other choice left. Seafood like prawn or crab could not be deep fried, because they already have essential oils and deep frying them in regular olive oil could cause losing their nutritional value. Also using downdraft cooktops are always a good idea.

Use of sea salt: Sea salt is different from regular salt, and while cooking the seafood it is always good to use sea salt in place of the regular iodized salt because regular salt contains different biological properties which reduces the quality of the food. Sea salt is also free from any bacteria’s and enzymes that eat out its nutrition therefore whenever you are cooking seafood make sure you are using its sea salt, not the regular salt to retain its taste and organic value.

Marinate using fewer spices: Marination is the important part of cooking the seafood, and it is importantthatseafood should be marinated well for cooking, but sometimes people marinate the seafood for too long that sucks out its important nutrients and reduces the taste of the seafood which is not the right way of cooking.

Enjoy true flavor with cheese: This is the thing that many people don’t know. If you want to make your seafood tastier, then blend it with cheese to enhance its taste. For the last many years cheese has become an essential ingredient of the seafood and many restaurants are using it often. Recently sandy springs restaurant in Atlanta is among such restaurants that have experimented with different cheese flavors used in the seafood, and they got great results. If you also want to enhance the taste of your seafood, then the best thing is to cook it with cottage cheese somewhat then just spreading cheese on it when it is already cooked.

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