Memorial Day Celebration: Holiday-Themed Menus For Your Restaurant

May 30, 2022

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software has the best features that can assist the restaurant industry in providing efficient and personalized services to their consumers, even during the busiest holiday seasons.

Moreover, the digital menu software lets the restaurant businesses customize their digital menus depending on their choice.

Aside from customizing the digital menus, restaurants can also personalize the menu QR code of their restaurant.

Memorial Day-Themed Menu Ideas

Your business may honor Memorial Day in various ways using dynamic menu software.

You can design themed menus and promotions for your restaurant over the holidays, in addition to promotional ideas that reach out to customers.

Here are some great ideas for Memorial Day-themed menus:

  • American-themed menu

An American-themed digital menu is easy to do using an interactive restaurant menu QR code software. 

Your restaurant can play with the concept of using the American flag as your digital menu. Aside from this one, you can also create a digital menu with the icons you can see on the flag.

As a tip, your restaurant can create on-the-day menu items with names that correspond well with the holiday.

For instance, you can name your menu items like All-American grilled cheese sandwiches or Veterans’ Favorite Beef Steaks. There are different ways you can call your menu items in your American-themed menu, but these are just some of them.

  • Summer-themed menu

A summer-themed menu is also applicable during this important holiday, the celebration of Memorial Day. 

There are different ways you can create your summer-themed menu for your restaurant. As a tip, you can generate an ice cream concept menu to balance out the hot breeze of the summer season.

Some customers can enjoy the services of your restaurant with an ice cream concept menu during Memorial Day since most activities are done in the park or during picnics. 

It is better to give customers the satisfaction of feeling an excellent cold breeze of a summer-themed menu during the summer.

Aside from an ice cream concept, a cotton candy, a playful colored-themed menu, and some light menu concepts are also some other better alternatives for a summer-themed menu.

  • Burger-themed menu

A burger-themed menu is also perfect for restaurants to create during the Memorial Day celebration.

Most Americans enjoy the concept of grilled meat and burgers during the holidays. Thus, a burger-themed menu is perfect for your business.

As a tip, you can use burger images as the primary photo of your tabletop menu QR codes. Aside from that, you can also customize your digital menu and highlight the best-selling burgers your restaurant offers.

Or, as an advantage, your restaurant can sell burgers and grilled sandwiches as the highlight of the holiday.

What is the best drink pair for burgers and sandwiches? Of course, you can also cross-sell some beer beverages in your restaurant as the perfect pair for your meals.

  • Poolside-themed menu

An interactive restaurant menu QR code software offers your restaurant a feature where you can customize your menu according to your theme of choice. 

Be on-trend by customizing your menu QR code as a poolside-themed menu, most especially during the Memorial Day celebration.

You can highlight on your poolside-themed menu some cool refreshments that are perfect for the summer! These refreshments are also best enjoyed during the celebration of Memorial Day.

As a tip, offer some snacks and drinks on your digital menu. These snacks are easy to carry around in the park and during picnics. 

You can highlight the appetizers on your menu, like some fries, nachos, tacos, minty refreshments, beer, etc., as the best-sellers of your restaurant during this important holiday.


Interactive restaurant menu QR code software can help your business recognize Memorial Day in various ways.

Over the holidays, you can create themed menus and promotions for your restaurant and promotional ideas that reach out to customers.

Allow these themed menu ideas to inspire you as you enhance your digital menus for this important holiday.

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