Simple Tips to Make Your Home Smell Nicer

March 27, 2024

Ah, the scent of a home is often the under-appreciated signature that welcomes or— if not properly handled— repels guests. Whether “home” to you means a sprawling ranch, a cosy two-bedroom apartment, or a shared student flat, curating a pleasant aroma is a fine art. Join the odyssey of odour as we explore ways to ensure that your sanctuary smells as sweet as you’d like it to.

Identifying Odours

The first step in combating unwanted smells is to play detective and reveal the culprits. Common sources include:

  • Cupboards of Forgotten Food: The occasional foray to deal with the back-of-the-fridge miasma is not just the stuff of urban legends.

  • Furry Fiend Flavour: Pets, though we love them dearly, are not synonymous with freshness.

  • Drain Disdain: A hint of mildew from the wetter parts of your home comes creeping in uninvited.

  • Fabric Funk: Sometimes our textiles just need a little tender loving care looking at you, gym socks. 

Tips for a Fresh-Smelling Home

Regular Cleaning Routines

In the timeless battle of clean versus grimy, the nose knows no mercy. Dust, wipe, vacuum, and mop on a regular schedule. Maintain a special focus on kitchens and bathrooms, where odours take on unique, shall we say, piquancy.

Natural Air Fresheners

Nothing says ‘I love neutral odours’ like placing a bowl of vinegar in the living room. Sure, it’s a bit unconventional, but it can work wonders at absorbing ambient smells. If you prefer a less, uh, pungent option, simmering a pot of water with citrus peels and spices can create a warm, inviting fragrance.

Odour Eliminators

For the love of all things that smell good, invest in high-quality air purifiers, especially for those tougher tasks like removing smoke or pet odours. Activated charcoal sachets are an affordable natural option for smaller spaces, as they trap odour molecules without harsh chemicals. Shop scented candles at Cities Store Dubai too. 

DIY Scent Solutions

Engage in crafting homemade air fresheners by creating a blend of water, a hint of vodka (surprisingly effective in distributing the scent), and a selection of preferred essential oils. This mixture can be lightly sprayed into the air for a swift, organic revitalization.

Pet-Specific Tips

Fur babies are lovely, but their odours can sometimes put Buzz Aldrin’s lunar expressions to shame. Here are pet-specific strategies:

Pet Grooming and Cleaning

A clean pet is a less smelly pet. Regular grooming and bathing (for those species that enjoy it) can keep the air clear of pet scents. Bonus points for the use of odour-eliminating shampoos and grooming products.

Pet-Friendly Odour Control Products

There’s a whole line of odour-fighting products designed specifically for your four-legged pals. From pet-specific air fresheners to enzymatic cleaners for ‘accidents’, the pet section of your store is a veritable arsenal against animal aromas.


In committing to these tips, you’re not just masking odours but truly combating them. A clean home is a happy home, and a home that smells lovely is just the cherry on top. Really, it’s the little things that make domestic life the olfactory adventure that it is. Keep exploring, keep cleaning, and keep enjoying the sweet, sweet scents of your own abode.


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