Boost Your Business with Instagram Stories: 7 Key Benefits for Business Growth

May 2, 2024

In today’s world becoming a successful marketer significantly depends so much on social media. Yes, social media marketing helps you bloom your business within no time.

Among the social media channels having a more engaging and active audience, Instagram is outstanding. Instagram has proven records in boosting business growth in countless manners.

Over 500 million Instagrammers view Instagram stories every day. Moreover, 36% of businesses promote their products by sharing Instagram stories. Another notable study says that up to 25% of users swipe the link in branded stories.

There are several other benefits you can get while sharing your brand on Instagram stories. Check out the potential benefits along with the best practices to create an Instagram story.

What is the Instagram story?

Instagram story is a feature that allows users to share content temporarily on Instagram. It can be photos or video content which disappear 24 hours after you upload it on Instagram.

Instagram also allows users to edit Instagram stories with stickers, texts, links, and doodles. However, the feature is available for both, i.e., personal accounts and business accounts. Instagram launched the story feature back in 2016 and the feature was liked by many users.

How do Instagram stories help with business growth?

Still wondering why you should put your efforts into making Instagram stories? Check out how it helps with business growth or why businesses are investing in Instagram business marketing:

1. Brand awareness

Instagram has become a way to showcase your business to billions of people. The idea of this statement we can take from the fact that there are around 2.4 billion users signed up on Instagram. Among them, 500 million users daily interact with Instagram stories.

From these facts, we can take ideas to what extent the Instagram presence of your business has become crucial. Hence, sharing content on Instagram stories can be your go-to source to enhance your brand awareness.

2. Increase followers

It has also been seen that Instagram stories can help you increase your followers. When people visit your story, they come to know who you are. If your services or products are relevant to them, they surely follow you to see you again in the future.

Your content plays a crucial role in convincing your audience to become your followers. Remember that users will follow you only when they find your content helpful. So, ensure that you are offering your audience quite relevant and useful content.

3. Drive traffic

Instagram stories can also help you drive traffic to your website or online store. Wondering how it can be possible? Fret not, and understand what we are going to tell you. Instagram story is the only feature in Instagram that helps you insert links directing to your website.

Try to add links with a call to action button that will encourage your users to hit on the link. Tell them how your products or services can help them or encourage them why they should try your products or services.

4. Increase your business sales

You can directly put your products or services to the Instagram stories, helping you reach a more relevant audience or customers. When your products are displayed to a large number of users, the more chances you will have to increase your business sales.

Social media marketing experts, such as Followers Cart share tips to increase your sales through Instagram stories. You have to put clear images or videos of your products, letting people know what they are going to buy. Ensure your story content is compelling enough that it encourages users to hit on the buy link.

5. Make you a more humanistic brand

We all know that establishing a presence on social media accounts, such as Instagram and posting on them regularly requires much effort. When you put this effort into creating and maintaining your Instagram content, it leaves a good impact on users, making you a more humanistic brand.

Once you win your customer’s attention and loyalty, nothing can stop your business from being a successful brand in the online market. Here is a bonus tip for you to reply to all the comments you receive on your Instagram stories. Appreciating your users or answering their queries will also ensure your humanistic presence on the platform.

6. Keep your audience updated

Social media channels have become a way to keep your audience updated about your activities. For example, you can share a story announcing to people what you are going to launch in the future. You can also share your achievements and plans with your audience.

You can share your good thoughts and best wishes on special occasions. At the same time, you can make them aware of the special discounts and offers through Instagram stories. All this can make your customers happy, encouraging them to create a strong bond with you.

7. Helps you evaluate your performance

While going through your stories analytics you can find how many users reached your stories, how many people show engagement, and how many people visit your Instagram profile. At the same time, you can also find how many people are followers and how many are there who do not follow you.

This will help you know what type of content performs well as Instagram stories. So, it will help you create your next story with the same data. You must also evaluate the best time when your stories get more engagement. Then, schedule your stories at those particular times.

The best practices to create compelling Instagram stories

We have discussed the possible benefits creators and businesses can avail of while sharing content on Instagram stories. Now is the time to learn how to make compelling stories that can grab the attention of potential users on Instagram. So, let’s learn how to create the best Instagram stories:

1. Make announcements

Stories with some kind of news and announcements perform well on Instagram. You should also follow the format frequently, helping you to grab the attention of a lot more audience.

Announce the launch or release date of your products, making people eager about the newly launched products. You can also share special discounts and promo codes through stories, encouraging people to share your stories with their acquaintances, helping you increase Instagram story views and product sales as well.

2. Collaborate with other creators

Collaborate with other creators or influencers who are famous among your targeted audience and are quite relevant within your niche.

It will help you get more engagement on your stories, helping you get better reach from like-minded people. Consequently, you can also boost your sales with the endorsement of influencers.

3. Play with your audience

Stories with some kind of contests get better engagement compared to usual stories on Instagram. Play quizzes with your audience.

Ask them interesting questions regarding your services, products, and the ongoing events that are famous among your targeted audience. You can also create polls to know what mostly your audience likes about your services or a particular niche.

4. Show countdown

It has also been seen that brands share stories comprising countdowns about a particular event, launch, and other dates. u must also offer this countdown about the products you are going to launch. You can also start countdowns regarding particular promotions or sales.

5. Q&A session

Another amazing Instagram story idea is to start a question-and-answer session with your audience. The first suggestion is to share a story and allow users to ask questions from you. Then actively listen to them and answer their queries.

Another way to attract your audience is to ask questions from them and get answers from your audience to know what their preference is about a particular service, product, or event. These ideas will also help you improve your services according to user’s preferences.


With billions of monthly active users, Instagram has become one of the leading social media networks globally. The platform is most popular among creators and businesses because it comes with a number of benefits.

From increasing your brand awareness to boosting your sales online, Instagram is playing a crucial role. Whether you are a creator or business owner going to establish your presence on Instagram, you must follow the given practices to maximize your lead on Instagram.

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