Taiwan: Cycling the Cycling Capital of Asia

May 20, 2024

Did you know that Taiwan is called the cycling capital of Asia. This is because The world’s largest manufacturer of bicycles, the Giant Manufacturing Company Ltd is headquartered in Taiwan.

On top of this, or perhaps because of this, this east Asian island has excellent cycling infrastructure, and the Taiwanese people themselves love cycling.

So if you’re a cyclist, Taiwan should definitely be on your bucket list of places to ride a bike in. 

Here’s all you need to know to plan a Taiwan cycling tour.

What Makes Taiwan Special?

A Diverse Terrain

Not many people know it, but Taiwan is one of the most mountainous and one of the most densely forested countries in the world. In fact, the bulk of Taiwan’s population is concentrated in thin strips along its western and northern edge, while the rest of the country is pretty much impenetrable forests and mountains. And since it is completely surrounded on all sides by the sea, this gives the country a diverse terrain of coastal, highland, and tropical forests, interspersed by small pockets of fertile farmland and tea plantations.

In short, a veritable paradise for cyclists.

Exceptional Cycling Infrastructure

What truly distinguishes Taiwan is its world-class bicycle infrastructure. Taiwan has gone above and beyond to accommodate cyclists’ requirements, with dedicated bike lanes traversing busy cities and picturesque routes meandering the countryside. 

The renowned Route No. 1, which runs around the whole island, demonstrates Taiwan’s dedication to providing cyclists with safe and delightful paths to explore.

Cultural Immersion Along the Way

Beyond its natural beauty, Taiwan allows bikers to immerse themselves in its rich culture and traditions. Along the bicycle paths, bikers will come across vibrant night markets with delicious street food, historic Buddhist temples steeped in history, and friendly residents ready to share their experiences. 


Cycling in Taiwan is much more than simply the ride; it’s also about witnessing the fabric of Taiwanese culture for yourself.

Safety and Convenience

When it comes to riding, safety comes first, and Taiwan excels at providing bikers with a safe and convenient environment for them to explore. Taiwan’s well-marked bike lanes, cyclist-friendly infrastructure, and a culture that respects and values bicycles make it possible for cyclists to ride with ease. Furthermore, bike-friendly services like rest stops, repair stations, and cyclist-friendly accommodations make exploring Taiwan on two wheels easy.

Where to Go Cycling in Taiwan?

Coastal Marvels: The East Coast

Set off on a coastal cycling adventure along Taiwan’s breathtaking eastern coastline, where the vast Pacific Ocean meets rugged cliffs and sandy beaches. As you ride down the coastal paths, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the sea reaching to the horizon, with the gorgeous mountains in the background. 

Visit local restaurants to experience fresh seafood dishes and immerse yourself in the relaxed beach lifestyle. Taiwan’s coastal roads, which stretch from the lively metropolis of Kaohsiung to the calm coasts of Hualien, provide an amazing experience for ardent cyclists seeking both adventure and peace.

Inland Escapes: Nantou County

Nantou County, tucked in the middle of the island, draws riders with its natural scenery and peaceful atmosphere. Explore the gorgeous pathways around the famous Sun Moon Lake, whose green waters reflect the surrounding mountains in a stunning view. Pedal through gorgeous woods and valleys, past tea plantations and traditional aboriginal villages on the route. 

Don’t miss the lovely Jiji Bike Trail, where a canopy of eucalyptus and camphor trees creates a green tunnel that stretches for kilometres, providing shade and peace to tired cyclists. 

Mountain Majesty: The Taroko Gorge

From the rough routes of Taroko Gorge to the stunning routes of Alishan, Taiwan’s mountainscapes guarantee an amazing ride for seasoned cyclists looking for the ultimate challenge. Enjoy panoramic views of the sweeping valleys and deep gorges below, and feel the adrenaline rush as you navigate hairpin curves and steep climbs. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice rider, Taiwan’s mountain magnificence has something for everyone.

Cultural Encounters: The Tea Estates of Maokong

No bicycle adventure in Taiwan is complete without seeing the island’s rich cultural history. Taiwan produces some of the finest oolong tea in the world, and the tea estates of Maokong are a great place to learn more about the world’s favourite beverage.

And the best place to experience Taiwan’s tea culture is none other than Maokong, a beautiful suburb of Maokong that is accessible through a breathtaking cable car ride over the verdant tea gardens. This cable car is also known as the Maokong Gondola.

The tea farms of Maokong are open to visitors, and are famous for their Tieguanyin Tea and Baozhong Tea. There are also numerous tea houses throughout the area that serve some of the best tea in Taiwan. 

Riding a bicycle through Maokong is guaranteed to be one of the best experiences you will ever have.

And if you find the tea culture in Taiwan charming, you have to thank the Japanese for it, for it was the Japanese who introduced tea cultivation to Taiwan. Japan itself is famous for its green matcha tea, and its famous tea ceremony. So if this deep connect between east Asia and its tea culture fascinates you, make sure to plan a Japan bike trip once you’re done with Taiwan. You’ll love it even more!

Wrapping Up

Taiwan is the ideal destination for cyclists seeking thrilling adventures, world-class infrastructure, and cultural immersion. Whether exploring coastal marvels, discovering hidden gems in the inland areas, or conquering mountain splendour, Taiwan provides cyclists with countless opportunities to indulge their passion and create unforgettable memories.

So, get ready, jump on your bike, and let Taiwan’s diverse terrain, warm hospitality, and colourful culture take you on an adventure of a lifetime. Experience the pleasure of riding in Taiwan, Asia’s cycling capital.

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